Talkative vs Go Instore: Which is Best for Virtual Shopping?

Engage more customers with the best Go Instore alternative.

Want to start offering video chat for a more immersive e-commerce experience?

If you're a retailer or e-commerce store looking for an alternative to Go Instore, here's why you'll want to consider Talkative above all else:

  • Talkative is easy to deploy with affordable pricing. 
  • ‍Talkative comes with live chat to complement the video chat experience.
  • Talkative can integrate with social media messaging channels.
  • Talkative enables you to leverage both desktop and mobile staff for video chats. 

Flexible and user-friendly, Talkative’s all-in-one solution is used by leading retail names to offer the best virtual shopping experiences via video chat.

Comparison: Talkative vs Go Instore

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Desk-based agents
Video chat
Voice calls
Live chat
Social media integration
Real-time translation
Advanced reporting,
& analytics
CRM integration
Chat widget &
window customisation
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What is Go Instore?

Go Instore is an app that enables e-commerce stores to provide video powered retail experiences. 

It was recently acquired by CX platform Emplifi to start helping brands connect to their customers through video, though it’s not clear if the platform will continue to be enhanced. 

The pros and cons of Go Instore

Go Instore provides immersive HD live video to help connect customers and retail stores.

However, Go Instore lacks some core video chat capabilities that other solutions provide.

For example, advisors can only connect with customers via Go Instore's mobile app.

What's more, their platform also suffers from a lack of other connectable contact channels. Take live chat and social channels messaging, for example. 

It means that, if you want to further assist customers during video interactions or offer live chat escalations, you'd be severely limited with Go Instore.

On the other hand, Talkative allows you to provide a more connected virtual shopping experience. Let's see how.

How to better connect online customers and your e-commerce store

Talkative's omnichannel solution is so much more than a video shopping platform.

By offering video chat alongside several other intelligent contact channels, Talkative can help boost conversion rates, increase customer satisfaction, and deliver a more powerful customer experience. Here's how:

Bring the in-store experience online with video

Enable direct launch video chat on desktop and take advantage of in store product experts with Talkative's mobile app.

Complement video interactions with enhanced live chat

Offer lightning-fast communication through live chat without bouncing customers to a new channel.

Be where your customers are by integrating with social platforms

Use your customers favourite social media platforms for more than social marketing.

Support customers in real-time with cobrowse & screenshare

Perfect video interactions with assisted navigation and page push technology.

Offer convenience and flexibility with with voice calls

Provide free voice calls and callbacks, all from the customer's browser.

Support your customers and your staff with chatbots

Provide convenient self-service with automated virtual agents and chatbots.

The core difference between Talkative and Go Instore

As a video powered retail solution, Go Instore does have some functionalities that could help to improve your customer experience.

That said, Go Instore only specialises in certain video functionalities.

While it claims that livestream video can help convert consumers, it lacks the ability to offer a more flexible approach to implementing video interactions.

As we've seen, it also lacks the wider range of contact channels that Talkative has on offer.

Couple this with Talkative's customisable and integration friendly solution, and you can see why Talkative delivers a more connected virtual shopping experience.

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