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A true omnichannel virtual shopping experience

Talkative is the smartest alternative to HERO for retailers or e-commerce stores. Here’s why:

  • Talkative enables you to leverage both desktop and mobile staff.  
  • ‍Talkative can launch live video chat with customers.
  • Talkative provides a more holistic approach to digital communication channels.

Customisable and user-friendly, Talkative’s all-in-one conversational commerce solution is used by leading retail names to offer a powerful customer experience.

Need more specifics?

To help you make the best decision, the rest of this article will give you the lowdown on Talkative’s best use cases, as well as the specific feature comparisons you need to consider.

In essence, they’re the reasons our customers choose Talkative over anyone else.

Still, if you want a personalized guide into how Talkative can reinvent your contact center?
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What sets Talkative apart? 

Here's a quick taster of what Talkative has to offer:

Video chat

Enable direct launch video chat on mobile and desktop.

Live chat

Offer lightning-fast communication with real-time translation and message preview.

Social media integration

Meet your customers on their channel of choice and foster long-term engagement.


Assist with navigation and streamline the online journey with page push technology.

Voice calls & callbacks

Provide free voice calls and callbacks, all from the customer's browser.


Enable effortless self-service with automated virtual agents.

Comparison: Talkative vs HERO

Mobile app for agents
Desk-based agents
Direct video call
Video chat
Customer must chat first
Voice calls
Live chat
Social media integration
Real-time translation
Advanced reporting,
& analytics
CRM integration
Chat widget &
window customisation
Virtual Agents &
Basic chatbot available

What is HERO?

HERO is a virtual shopping platform used by e-commerce and retail stores to assist online customers.

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The pros and cons of HERO

While HERO can help to improve customer communication through chat and video, it lacks a full range of connectable and customisable contact channels.

For example, while HERO does offer recorded video, customers can’t launch a direct, live video call.

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HERO is also only available on mobile devices - not desktops.

It means you're limited in the ways you can best serve your site's visitors.

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With Talkative, you can provide a more connected virtual shopping experience.

It'll allow you to develop more personalised connections with online shoppers. Let's explore how.

Customisable contact channels to better connect with your online shoppers

Talkative's omnichannel solution is much more than a virtual shopping platform.

By picking and choosing the best communication channels for your target audience, you can provide convenience and personalisation to level up the customer experience.

Bring the in-store experience online with video chat

Why try to entice your site's visitors with boring text descriptions when you can bring the online shopping experience to life with face-to-face communication?

Thanks to Talkative's intuitive video chat, your e-commerce customers can enjoy the 'IRL experience' that the HERO app offers, but with much more customisation:

  • Offer direct launch video chat - without chatting first.
  • Enable both mobile and desktop support.
  • Showcase products to shoppers and provide video customer service as if they were in-store.
  • Integrate with a wide variety of CRMs and contact centre solutions.
  • Leverage store associates within brick and mortar stores with mobile app integration. 
  • Offer on-demand video chat or scheduled video interactions for customer convenience.
  • Provide one or two-way interactions to better cater to customer preference.
  • Avoid bouncing between contact channels with a single dashboard connecting all other contact channels.

With shoppers using Talkative's video chat being up to 4x as likely to make a purchase, Talkative's video chat gives you a competitive edge.

Meanwhile, your customers get to visit their favourite online store whenever and wherever they want.

Improve speed, efficiency, and customer satisfaction enhanced live chat

Today's shoppers want an online experience that provides convenience, personalisation, and lightning-fast responses.

Give online shoppers what they want by adopting enhanced live chat within your virtual shopping platform:

  • Get a sneak peek of customer messages and cut down response times with message preview.
  • Speak to site visitors from all over the world with real-time automatic translation in 100+ languages.
  • Keep chat queues to a minimum with queue management and queue broadcast messages.
  • Target and engage the customers you want to convert with intelligent chat nudges and triggers throughout your online store.

Be where your customers are with social media integrations

54% of customers now use channels like Facebook and Instagram to research products before they buy online.

Be where your customers are with Talkative's customisable social media integrations.

  • Entice with real-time communication.
  • Send relevant videos to stop relying on static product images.
  • Leverage store employees to offer real video content and fast customer service.
  • Boost long-term engagement with virtual clienteling using WhatsApp and SMS.

Support customers in real-time with cobrowse & screenshare

Shopping online can prove a headache for some customers - they just need that extra little bit of assistance.

While virtual shopping platforms like HERO help increase online sales, sometimes your customers will want more on-screen guidance than face-to-face communication.

This is where Talkative's cobrowse and screenshare capabilities come in.

Unlike HERO's platform, Talkative allows you to: 

  • Assist customer navigation during virtual shopping sessions with page push.
  • View and annotate the customer's screen in real-time.
  • Share navigation to guide the customer through your online store.

Enhance live chat with voice calls

Whether it's a customer service query or sales call, some customers will always prefer the more traditional approach of using the phone.

With Talkative's voice calls, you can meet your customer needs with the added convenience of calling straight from a browser.

Talkative's voice calls can help you:

  • Allow website visitors to explain issues on their terms.
  • Foster a stronger rapport and offer bespoke virtual clienteling and personalisation.
  • Provide free web calling across the world.
  • Take web calling mobile and drive more conversions on your mobile site and app.

Reduce wait times with web callback requests

The best retailers understand that not all customers don't have all the time in the world.

Use Talkative's web callbacks to capture warm leads and invite them back to your virtual store at a time that suits them.

In turn, web callbacks will help you:

  • Reduce contact centre wait times.
  • Improve resolution rates and other customer service goals.
  • Enhance the customer experience with true convenience and personalisation.

Provide 24/7 support and assist contact centre agents and store associates with chatbots

Unlike HERO’s more basic chatbot, Talkative’s virtual agents and chatbots can help increase self-service and efficiency within your contact centre team.

What's more, our chatbots can be customised and connected to all other channels, helping you provide lightning-fast customer support 24/7.

The core difference between Talkative and HERO

As a virtual shopping platform, HERO can help offer a better connection between you and your customers.

However, with a wider range of channels, customisations, and integrations available, deploying Talkative will allow you to create a virtual retail experience that's specifically tailored to your brand.

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