Considering Surfly for Your Contact Center? Hear Us Out First.

‍Surfly is a great session takeover tool for tasks like contract signing. But for contact centers looking to convert more customers, you'll be better off if you get Talkative.
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How to choose the best video solution for your organization

It’s been a long time coming, but more and more contact centers are beginning to understand the power of live video chat. 

Your customers are too - especially in industries like retail, automotive, and travel.

The thing is, not all video chat applications are built with your target audience in mind. 

It’s why above all other providers, Talkative is the omnichannel video chat solution for you. 

Not only was it built with your customers in mind, its proven to turn contact centers into profit centers. 

So, remember when researching other video chat solutions: you’ll be better off getting Talkative.

Need more specifics?

To help you make the best decision, the rest of this article will give you the lowdown on Talkative’s best use cases, as well as the specific feature comparisons you need to consider.

In essence, they’re the reasons our customers choose Talkative over anyone else.

Still, if you want a personalized guide into how Talkative can reinvent your contact center?
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Introducing Talkative and Surfly

We have a confession. 

When we first sat down to review Surfly in comparison with Talkative, we were intrigued to find a product - and a website - that looks incredibly professional and attractive.

It's not the best start when you're trying to write a product alternative article.

Nor is overly complimenting your competitor when writing said article.

Even so, while the channels Surfly has on offer might look very similar to Talkative's - take video chat and cobrowsing, for instance - there's one key thing you should bear in mind if you're currently searching for the right customer communication platform.

Surfly might be a fantastic tool for B2B companies or financial organizations that have lengthy contractual procedures to fulfill…

But ultimately, Surfly is a collaboration tool. 

It’s a great one at that, with a fantastic cobrowse feature. 

But to really get the most out of cobrowse? 

You need to use it alongside other channels - like chat, video, and voice. 

And this is where Talkative exceeds in comparison. 

With us, you get all the previously mentioned channels, alongside cobrowse. 

That’s because Talkative is a communication tool first and foremost. 

Sure, we have extra collaboration features that sweeten the deal. 

But really speaking, Talkative and Surfly just have different target audiences in mind. 

So, if you’re looking to improve your communication with your customers and transform your contact center? 

You’ll be better off if you get Talkative. 

Talkative vs Surfly: Use cases

Of course, all the above is not to say Surfly doesn’t have its applications. 

In fact, it excels in certain areas where Talkative doesn’t. 

Take onboarding clients, sharing documents, or discussing financial arrangements and swapping contracts. 

Now, you can technically do all of these things with Talkative. 

Just not as well as you can with Surfly. 

In contrast though, Talkative is the far better choice if you’re looking to increase conversions, sales, and overall customer satisfaction - especially within contact center settings. 


To answer that question, let’s diver a little deeper and further differentiate our two platforms. 

Surfly's DNA

On their G2 page, Surfly states that their co-browsing collaboration technology lets you seamlessly talk with customers as if you're sitting side by side.

At Talkative, we share a similar goal.

Nevertheless, when you take a look at the key channels Surfly offers, the image of their true target audience and ideal customer comes to the fore.

Again, taken from their G2 page and in order, here's what Surfly identifies as their key features:

  • Document sharing 
  • Video chat 
  • Control switching 
  • Field masking 
  • Action logs
  • Behaviour control 
  • Customisable UI
  • Security and privacy compliance
  • Single sign on 

Now, all of these features are incredibly useful - and Talkative even shares some of them as our primary features. 

But what does this list say about Surfly as a contact center-specific application? 

It shows that Surfly wasn’t really built with your organization in mind. 

Unless you’re B2B or selling a specific financial service, that is. 

But when it comes to customer-facing contact centers that aim to provide sterling customer service and increased sales? 

It’s just not part of Surfly’s DNA.

In the same way, Talkative isn't designed as a document sharing or remote collaboration platform for B2B businesses.

Of course, you could use Talkative for such a purpose, but would you really want to? 

Surely, if you were part of a B2B business or a financial service that needed a secure way to sign remote contracts with customers, it’d make more sense to stick with Surfly. 

But if you’re looking to turn your contact center into a profit center? 

If you’re looking to boost your online customer experience and reinvent how your organization communicates?

Look no further than Talkative.

Talkative was built for you and your customers 

Talkative was built to solve a problem that nearly all contact centers face:

A huge portion of the customer journey now takes place on your website and your social media channels.

Yet most customer contact centers still use phone calls as their primary method of communication. 


When modern consumers are used to video chatting with friends and instant messaging colleagues, why do so many call centers still rely on phone calls alone?

Why make customers jump through hoops just to get in touch?

A few years ago, there was a very good answer to this question:

Managing several contact channels was tough - both for customer support agents and customer service managers.

But with Talkative?

It’s easy. Here’s how: 

With Talkative, you can engage and inspire delight with video chat - giving all your online customers face-to-face interactions that've been proven to boost satisfaction and skyrocket sales.

You can help your customers navigate your site and services with co-browse - giving you the power to offer truly personalized, hands-on service. 

You can even connect with all your customers across their favorite digital channels - live chat, SMS, WhatsApp, and social media - all within a single pane of glass. 

Meanwhile, supervisors can understand, track, analyze, and report on customer interactions, all in real-time. 

It means that with Talkative, you get an easier life. 

It's an easier life for your sales team and support agents too. 

After all, with more sales, leads, and conversions, your website visitors will no longer remain as pieces of data within your CRM.

They'll be relationships waiting to blossom.

And like we've mentioned in our other product comparisons, creating more human relationships is what Talkative is all about.

Test out a free trial to see what we mean. 

Talkative vs Surfly: A side by side comparison

Still, even with all the above said, if you're still looking for a feature by feature rundown, we get it.

Sometimes, the right choice for your organization might come down to a certain must-have feature.

Either way, both Talkative and Surfly have a lot to offer in terms of flexible and secure software solutions.

So, let's take a look at both of them side by side.

Live Chat
Video Chat
Co-browsing & screensharing
Social Media Messaging
SMS & WhatsApp
Web Calling
Web Callbacks
File Sharing
Collaborative document annotation & editing

The best video chat and co-browsing software for you?

As far as takeaways go, we think this one is pretty clear.

Yes, Surfly offers a great user interface with some fantastic features for improving B2B digital journeys. 

As such, the key contact channels on offer - video chat and co-browse - are great tools for conducting meetings with remote business clients.

Nevertheless, if you're looking to humanize the customer experience by reinventing your organization's contact center?

Talkative is the only choice.


As we've seen, contact center and customer delight is all part of Talkative's DNA.

For proof, just take a look at our customer testimonials and our G2 page

Take a look at the customers proud to use Talkative too: 

We've helped all of them increase sales, streamline support, and improve the digital customer experience.

And we can do the same for you.

Want to learn how?

Get started by booking a demo. Our team will show you how getting Talkative will innovate your customer communication. 

Not quite convinced?

Let’s face it, there’s nothing like a live demo for answering all of your queries.

But if you wanted to get started by taking a look around Talkative for yourself, you’re absolutely welcome.

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