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Need a video and cobrowse tool for serving more clients and customers? Learn why Talkative's the best choice for your needs.

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3 reasons to choose Talkative over Surfly

1. Talkative has sales and service in its DNA 

When it comes to offering your customers a collaborative tool for file sharing and document viewing, Surfly is a fantastic choice. However, if you’re looking for a video and cobrowsing platform to help improve service and sales, Talkative is the solution for you. 

Why? Because Talkative was built for brands that want to make each of their interactions more personable and profitable. To achieve this, Talkative comes with all the tools your advisors and supervisors need to connect, convert, analyze and grow. 

See how we do it here: Why Talkative? 

2. Talkative gives you omnichannel capabilities

Unlike Surfly, Talkative comes with a range of channels alongside video chat and cobrowse. These include live chat and chatbots, two channels Surfly does without. As mentioned above, this is because Surfly is designed around a few primary use cases. Talkative, on the other hand, is designed to give you the power to create a truly unique customer experience. 

After all, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for increasing sales and improving efficiency. Instead, you need to meet your customers in the way that best suits them. It’s why Talkative comes with a huge range of tools for your advisors and supervisors to take advantage of. 

From live chat to video to web calls, messaging, and more, Talkative comes with all the channels and integrations you need to meet your high-value customers on your website, app, and social channels. 

3. Talkative attracts and engages more customers 

As Surfly is a collaborative cobrowsing and video tool, customers and advisors have to explicitly arrange to communicate via the platform through a preceding live chat conversation. Once again, this suits Surfly’s use case perfectly. But if you’re looking for a video platform that attracts and engages customers, Talkative is the right choice. 

Why? Because Talkative comes with all the features you need to grab customer attention when it matters most. With intelligent nudges and triggers, as well as one of the most powerful no-code widget editors on the market, getting Talkative is proven to give your brand a surge in customer engagement, sales, and success. 

See Talkative's customer stories to learn more. 

Need more specifics?

Sometimes you need to see a platform in action to fully understand how it’ll work for you and your team. 

So, to help you make the best decision, get in touch now. Book your demo, and we’ll show you what your brand can really achieve when you get Talkative. 

You’re better off getting Talkative

Talkative’s Consultative Service channels empower your team to achieve astounding results, including:


positive approval rating from video chat customers.


increase in customer live chat interactions.


increase in average order value for video chat shoppers.

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Forget customer service software

Talkative’s Consultative Service Platform was built for every brand that wants to honor their high-value customers with a truly human digital experience.

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Pick and choose the channels that work for you

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Live Chat

Instantly engage customers with the most flexible platform available.

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Video Chat

See your customers smile with real time video interactions.

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Guide your customers on-screen as if you were side-by-side.

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Initially guide your customers and assist with common queries.

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Web Callbacks

Drive more inbound calls from your website.

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SMS/MMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, Google Business, and more.

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Deep integration without the delays

Need an integration? Talkative can tie together your website, app, and back-office systems with ease.

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