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Who are Bravissimo?

Bravissimo is a leading UK lingerie retailer that was founded in 1995 to give a better experience of buying and wearing bras for big boobed women (D to L cup). Today they have 29 physical shop locations and over 850 employees. They have also won numerous customer service and retail awards, showing their commitment to not just offer a good experience, but an exceptional one.

Bravissimo's focus is on giving their customers a really uplifting and confidence boosting experience, whenever a customer contacts them, no matter whether it's online, on the phone or in one of their shops.

What were Bravissimo looking for?

Bravissimo’s award winning customer service team wanted to give their customers a choice in how they contacted the company, without further stretching the available resources. They were also looking to increase the number of customers they could service, as well as having increased flexibility on how they configure and allocate customer interactions.

In addition, Bravissimo wanted to maintain their glowing reputation for offering their customer's more than just lingerie, but also a highly personalised, and efficient service. To do this they needed a tool that was scalable, personable, and professional.

Bravissimo were using Mitel Contact Centre to handle emails and phone calls, so the ideal solution would leverage this existing system.

Bravissimo had some specific goals they wanted to achieve:

  • Decrease chat abandonment rates
  • Increase chat enquiries
  • Increase agent utilisation

Why did they choose to work with Talkative?

One of the key advantages Talkative could offer, over and above its competitors was the ability to uniquely integrate with Bravissimo’s Mitel Contact Centre environment. This means that agents can be allocated a blend of chats, emails and calls, all handled within the same browser window.

What have the outcomes been so far?

To date the implementation of Talkative's solution into Bravissimo's ECommerce website has resulted in some major improvements. One of the primary metrics observed was bringing down their chat abandonment rate to an average of 6% (well below the target of 10%).

Due to the Mitel contact centre integration, there has been a 75% increase in the number of agents able to service chat enquiries. This has also helped to achieve a 70% increase in the number of interactions handled per month, compared to the same period a year previously.

Agents can now handle calls, emails, chats and video calls in the same place, and supervisors can efficiently allocate interactions and workloads to maximise the number of customers being served.

Supervisors additionally have granular reporting on customer feedback scores, on a per agent, per queue basis. The digital marketing team also closely monitor the contact centre activity through the lens of Google Analytics, seeing which pages are generating most enquiries, and understanding the effectiveness of nudges.

The Talkative product development team takes feedback on board from various stakeholders at Bravissimo, allowing the solution's new features to be highly relevant both to Bravissimo, but also other contact centre users.

What did they say?

“At Bravissimo, customer experience is our number one priority. We want to make sure every customer who engages with us is left feeling amazing about themselves. Talkative’s live chat solution allows our customers to engage with our consultants in the same way they would if they were in store, which massively improves our customers’ online experience.
Our team members can have real, unscripted conversations with customers as if they were talking to a friend or neighbour. This allows us to have a personal connection with our customers to provide excellent customer service, answer their questions, or offer product and fitting advice.
A key objective for us was to lower our chat abandonment rate, because ultimately that meant we were speaking to more customers. The Talkative solution has worked amazingly well and we’ve seen a real improvement already. Our abandonment rate target was 10%, and we’ve managed to lower our average chat abandonment rate to 6% in the first month. Since launching Talkative, our abandonment rate has been as low as 3%, which has far surpassed our expectations."
We look forward to our continuing relationship with Talkative and are excited about the future.”
- Laura Franklin, Customer Services Manager

“It was essential to us that the solution could integrate with our existing Mitel setup. We didn’t find anyone else who could offer the integration that Talkative provided in such a smooth way, so that really stood out for us. We love that our agents have the ability to handle web chats and video calls with customers, as well as swapping in and out of phone calls and emails with ease. That level of integration was what we wanted, and Talkative enabled and delivered that to us very successfully.”
- Ian Murphy, IT Manager

The process with Talkative has been an overall success and the integration has been smooth. The Talkative user interface looks great too. It looks like it’s part of the website rather than a separate third party application.”
- Luke Bennett, Customer Systems Development Manager

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