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Mitel cobrowsing solutions from Talkative

Mitel cobrowsing with Talkative

Cobrowsing for Mitel provides your customers with a truly immersive, collaborative online experience. 

Seamlessly share navigation, annotate pages, use a mouse pointer and form-filling functions all through Mitel Web Ignite.

By giving agents the power to see a customer’s screen, they can better understand the problem and aid the customer, helping to reduce average resolution times and increase first time resolution rates, while also improving customer satisfaction.

Cobrowsing with Mitel is a great way for agents to provide an extra level of visual support. Agents can easily escalate a live chat or video chat session to a cobrowsing interaction when this support is needed; no plug-ins or downloads on the customer or agent side are necessary.

Key features

The principal aim of Mitel cobrowsing is to guide customers through problems they encounter on your website. It allows you to:

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We are always open to building new functionalities in our software, so if you require something extra for your Mitel cobrowsing solution, don’t hesitate to contact us and ask!

"Cobrowsing has transformed how we manage customer enquiries... Complex enquiries can be solved faster, which saves us a lot of time."

Cobrowsing security & compliance

Mitel cobrowsing is perfectly secure for both customers and agents.

  • Customers will always have to give consent for a cobrowsing session to start, and are able to end it at any time with the click of a button
  • Cobrowsing sessions only go one way, so customers cannot see agents’ screens
  • Agents can only see the customer’s current tab - they do not have access to the rest of a customer’s desktop
  • Sensitive information, such as card and personal details, can be masked from the agent’s view
  • Every cobrowse session is recorded to provide a complete audit trail

Screenshot of cobrowsing

Seamless Mitel integration & expert deployment

Talkative solutions for Mitel

Alongside other Talkative contact centre solutions, our cobrowsing feature is easily integrated into your existing MiCC, allowing agents to deploy it directly in Web Ignite. 

This makes it easy for agents to jump from live chat, video chat or voice call to cobrowse within the same session. As all interactions are handled in one centralised dashboard in Ignite, agent productivity and efficiency is enhanced. 

Deployment of Mitel cobrowsing, either on its own or alongside our other Mitel solutions, is made fast and seamless with our Mitel experts. All you need to do is copy and paste a code snippet into your website or tag management system, such as Google Tag Manager, to get everything up and running. 

We also welcome you to work closely with the team to identify the best points of integration with your website and systems. The UI and interface are customisable to fit your branding.

“Talkative as a company are very easy to work with, they are down to earth, open and collaborative. All in all I would highly recommend Talkative as a company...Use them, you won't regret it.” Medical Defence Union (MDU)

Built for you

Highly Configurable
  • Customise UI to fit branding
  • Integrate with your Mitel contact centre and CRM
  • Set up nudges and triggers for engagement
Proactive Support
  • 24/7 SLA support
  • Proactive developer assistance
  • Access to user training videos and materials
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Fully compliant
  • GDPR/CCPA compliant
  • Record interactions for a complete audio trail
  • Send data on-premise via SFTP/API

Talkative for Mitel

Talkative for Mitel is a complete inbound contact centre solution designed for digital first organisations. As well as cobrowsing, we offer:

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