How we work with recruiters

As a growing company, it's important for us to find and recruit the best possible people. To achieve this objective, it's sometimes necessary to work with recruiters. Our rationale for this is twofold:

1. Efficiency - we simply do not have the time to do what you do, for example outbound contact to passive candidates. We have more than enough to do in the working day, so a major benefit for us is that by working together we can be more efficient in meeting the best candidates.

2. Talent - we realise there is a real battle for talent in the market, and we need to partner with agencies in order to meet the best candidates.

If you are an agency and would like to work with Talkative, please respect the following points:
• Please do not doctor or amend candidate CVs, we want to understand the candidate's ability to create a document. If we receive a poorly edited CV from an agency (poor formatting etc.) it does not reflect well on the agency or the candidate.
• Please do not follow up asking if we've received a CV as soon as you've sent it through. Please expect a 24 hour turnaround time for us to review an application and get back to you.
• We do not need recruiters for every role. If you contact us or send CVs through for a role that we've specified we're not using an agency for, we will ignore the correspondence. The job listing will say if we're not using agencies for the role.
• Please do not call our office unless you have pre-arranged a call, this is a waste of our time and yours too (see point 1 above). By calling in, it wastes our time, and will not do you any favours. We prefer email as it's asynchronous and there's a clear record of what's been said.
• If we haven't worked with you before, please do not send CVs through without also emailing us commercial terms (% fee of Y1 salary, payment terms and rebate period).
• Please do follow up with an email reminder if we haven't got back to you within 48 hours.
• Please do send us CVs of candidates you think would be of interest to us if we've agreed terms, we're happy to review CVs and we'll give feedback on them.
• Please do follow the same steps outlined in each job post. For example, if our engineering job post says we're looking for both a CV and examples of work, please send us through both a CV and work examples.