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6 Digital Communication Channels You Won’t Want to Miss Out On

Being able to communicate well is a life skill that no one should be without. The flow of words and how we express them can have a make-or-break result in many situations. Nowadays, how we communicate has changed from what we were used to.

Studies show that in 2019 4.13 billion people were connected to the internet. So, it should come as no surprise that in-person communication methods have transitioned to various digital communication channels.

So, what are these digital communication channels that have become so popular?

In this article, we will define digital communication channels, why they are important, and 6 digital communication channels you won’t want to miss out on.

What Are Digital Communication Channels?

Before we take a deep dive into the best digital communication channels, let’s define what digital communication channels are.

Digital communication channels are digital tools like email, chatbots, and instant messaging, among others, that allow an audience to reach certain individuals. Digital communication channels have become quite popular for online customer service and to increase the brand’s engagement with its clients.

If you have ever received a quick and thorough response to an email or messaged a 24/7 customer service chat, you have probably used a brand’s digital communication channels before. 

Why Are Digital Communication Channels Important for Businesses?

As times have changed, brands have adapted how they communicate with their clients. Gone are the times when the only communication customers received from a brand were direct mail or newspaper ads. Although this has been happening for some time, it can be noted that live chat, email, and video are the top channels companies increased use of as a response to the pandemic to adapt to changing needs and connect with the modern customer.

In this current era, customers need a quick solution to their questions or issues. By implementing digital communication channels, a brand ensures that it is easily accessible for the customer to engage and connect with them.

Ensuring that customers have the option for immediate responses from your brand is a way to solidify your great customer service. This will also allow you to reach more customers.

6 Digital Communication Channel Examples You Won’t Want to Miss Out On

Sadly, poor communication may cost a large corporation $62.4 million per year. If your brand can adopt these 6 digital communication channels below, it will set itself up for success in the coming years.

So, let’s dive right in and learn how to set your company up for success.

#1 Live Chat

Offering a live chat on your website is an excellent way to provide top-notch service to your customers.

To use a live chat, all a customer has to do is visit your website and a live chat option will pop up. This allows the customer to speak directly to a salesperson or to receive a response to whatever question they have at the time.

Talkative offers one of the best live chat features on the market. Instead of struggling with generic chat widget templates, you can take control of your brand with a customizable chat editor.

Talkative offers you the chance to skip restrictive chat platforms and ensure your team is set up for success. Your team will be able to offer the best customer service possible through live chat.

#2 Web Callbacks

Web callbacks are an easy way to elevate your brand to the next level. Enabling this feature will decrease any frustrations the customer might have.

Instead of a customer having to search for your phone number after an issue not being resolved online, they can simply go to your website and request a web callback. 

Customers will be grateful for the opportunity to connect with your team in a digital way. This will avoid any frustration that they could not find the answer or response they needed promptly.

Talkative’s web callback feature is a unique option to ensure you meet all your customer’s needs.

#3 Video chat

Video chat is a great option for remote team that struggle with employee engagement. As teams struggle to maintain culture while they work from home, having regular meetings with remote team members helps keep the team better connected. 

This is similar to the issue faced by brands that offer remote services. It goes unsaid that customers are loyal to brands that deliver amazing customer experiences. This often becomes harder to do with no physical meetings.

Video chats are the closest and more convenient option to speaking to someone in person. Customers will feel connected and appreciative of a brand that allows them this option. It also allows companies to offer demos that are tailored to their new customer which often means a new customer is far more likely to be loyal to your brand.

Pipefy is a good example of a brand that balances the nature of online service based business while also making sure to create human connections with its customers. Thier landing page offers new customers the option to dive into using thier software by themselves or the option to sign up for live demo with someone from their team.

If that is something you might want to adopt for your own business, Talkative’s video chat allows your brand to provide real-time services face-to-face. In addition, Talkative’s live chat and co-browse capabilities allow you to take your customer service to the next level.

#4 Chatbots

If you are unsure what chatbots are, you probably have at least seen one in action. Chatbots are that neat feature that pop up when you visit a website that asks a question of some sort, generally if you found what you were looking for.

Chatbots are an excellent way to increase workflows and productivity for a business but also support customers around the clock. By providing accessible answers to some of the most commonly asked questions, your customers are certain to love a chatbot feature on your website.

With the ability to personalize questions and answers every step of the way, Talkative’s chatbot feature is one of a kind. Talkative’s chatbot feature can solve tension and escalate to a live call or video chat to work through any issues when needed. Your customers are certain to enjoy this feature as a resolution to any issues they may have.

#5 Messaging Apps

Customers love a quick way to find what they are looking for. Messaging apps are another digital communication channel that offers that. Whenever customers visit your website, they can have the opportunity to speak with someone from your brand through several options. These options include a quick text, WhatsApp or Google Business message, among others.

Customers are certain to appreciate having a feature such as this as it offers extra ease of access to communicating with someone from your brand.

For your brand, it is an essential selling part, as it will cut any frustration customers may have in reaching your team and ensure a smooth process from start to finish.

Offering several different messaging apps may seem like a hassle. However, with Talkative’s integrated messaging app platform, you can access all your messages from one platform. This will allow you to avoid logging into several different apps, as everything will be in a centralized location.

#6 Social Media

Since 72% of the population uses some form of social media, you do not want your brand to miss out on this opportunity. With Facebook and so many other platforms available, your brand would be missing out on so many different communication channels to reach new customers.

Being accessible on social media is something that customers appreciate, especially when so much time is spent on the platforms.

By including Talkative’s Facebook messaging on your website, you'll make sure that customers can reach you within a moment’s notice. In addition, you can take your digital customer service to the next level by offering the option to connect through a chatbot, live chat, and even video chat.

Digital Communication That’s Flexible Around You

Digital communication channels are here to stay, and quite honestly, they are such a growing opportunity for businesses to invest in.

It might be hard for you to decide which features you want to offer to your customers. Thankfully, Talkative offers all the features we mentioned today in one all inclusive platform.

Want to find out all the ins and outs of what Talkative offers? Book a live demo today!

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