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Pick and choose channels. One flexible widget. Featuring live chat, video chat, chatbots, social messaging, and more

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Multichannel Flexibility

Deliver customer service your way

AI enhanced live chat, real-time 1-1 video chat, chatbots, social media, and more. Choose the channels you need, leave the ones you don't.

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Human-First Engagement

Support your agents, as well as your customers

Forget “automation-first support.” Instead, use AI to deflect your basic queries while your agents handle your most valuable customers.

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Next-Level Customer Success

Exceptional customer support

When your customer service software goes down, it costs you time and money. That’s why our we pride ourselves on our reputation for fantastic support.

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Common questions about Talkative’s live chat

Why choose Talkative over Intercom?

Intercom often describes its software as “automation-first customer support”. If that’s what you’re looking for, then they could be a great fit for you. However, if you want a complete customer engagement solution that’s flexible around your requirements - then Talkative is the one for you. Featuring enhanced live chat, video chat, cobrowse, web callbacks, social media, and more.

What does Talkative provide that Intercom doesn’t?

In line with our human-first approach to customer support, Talkative provides video chat as a customer contact channel - in addition to live chat, chatbots, social media messaging, web calls, and cobrowsing. We also offer a level of flexibility and granular customization that far surpasses several other providers.

Is Talkative more cost-effective than Intercom?

If you’re looking for a real-time, digital customer engagement solution, Talkative is one of the most competitive solutions on the market. Feel free to check out our pricing page for all the details.

Does Talkative integrate with Salesforce?

Yes, we certainly do! In fact, Talkative offers a level of Salesforce integration unrivaled by any other platform - including Intercom. With our integration, the Talkative platform seamlessly embeds into your existing Salesforce framework. In turn, you’ll be fully equipped to improve customer communication via advanced channels like live chat, video, cobrowse, and more - all without leaving Salesforce.

Can I pick and choose certain Talkative channels?

You can! Talkative lets you pick and choose the contact channels that best serve your needs - from live chat to video chat to social media and more.

Customer case study

Discover why forward-thinking brands choose Talkative

LendInvest is a leading mortgage platform, providing specialist financial services to property investors, developers, and homeowners.


LendInvest needed a customer service solution that could integrate deeply with Salesforce and improve their website engagement.


Thanks to Talkative’s seamless integration into their Salesforce environment, LendInvest has enjoyed a 108% month-on-month growth in customer interact


Seamless integrations and fast deployments

True omnichannel capabilities. A huge list of contact center and CRM integrations. The perfect platform for Consultative Service - whatever your framework.

Trusted by brands worldwide

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