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Salesforce Integration

Real-time chat support

Agent workflows without interruption

Manage every customer interaction in one inbox - all within your Salesforce environment. Chat, SMS, WhatsApp, and more.

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Innovative capabilities

Make the most of your Saleforce data with advanced chat tools

Equip your agents with customer context, AI assist, automatic translation, and cobrowsing while seamleslly utilizing your Salesforce's setup.

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Omnichannel solution

Video chat, voice, WhatsApp and more - all part of the package

Escalate between chatbots, chat, voice, video, and more. With Talkative, you've got all this and more - still in your single Salesforce screen.

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Common questions about Talkative’s live chat

What does Talkative have that Salesforce Chat doesn’t?

The short answer is: a lot! Talkative’s chat features tools like automatic translation of 100+ languages, canned messages, AI agent assist, multiple chatbot options, and a fully customizable widget editor. There’s also intelligent nudges, sentiment analysis, and countless integrations via Zapier. What’s more, Talkative’s live chat comes with several connected channels as standard, meaning you can seamlessly escalate between chat, voice, video, and more.

How long does the Salesforce Talkative integration take?

Anyone can integrate Talkative’s live chat with Salesforce in 30 minutes. That said, if you need assistance, our Customer Success team can help configure an integration that will suit your brand’s website and goals. We’ll also provide supplementary support in the form of an online knowledge base, in-product onboarding tools, 24/7 SLA support, developer assistance, and proactive account management.

Can I link chats to contacts and create cases?

Our deep integration allows you to use a customer's phone number or email (captured via a data collection form or your chatbot) to search for their contact record. We automatically associate any chat transcript with that user so that you can access the entire interaction history for that contact. Cases can be created using "Salesforce flows" enabling you to automate case creation or follow-up tasks using Talkative data.

Do we have to use Salesforce Omni-Channel?

No - you can use it but it's not mandatory! While your agents can benefit from a blended workflow combining Talkative interactions with other tasks like emails, phone calls, or cases, Talkative doesn't require Salesforce Omni-Channel. Instead, you can route and manage queues using Talkative's own distributor.

Can you integrate Talkative with the Salesforce Einstein chatbot?

Yes - for Salesforce customers managing an Einstein chatbot, this integration allows you to automate conversation flows straight into Talkative. Once configured, your Einstein chatbot can hook in Salesforce data and provide more sophisticated responses during chatbot interactions - all in an instant. However, you can also make use of Talkative’s other chatbot solutions like Google Dialogflow.

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How Salesforce customers have delighted both customers and contact teams...

LendInvest is a leading mortgage platform, providing specialist financial services to property investors, developers, and homeowners.


LendInvest needed a live chat solution that could integrate with Salesforce and help them improve their website engagement.


Since their deep integration with Talkative and Salesforce, LendInvest has enjoyed a 108% month-on-month growth in chat interactions.


Seamless integrations and fast deployments

True omnichannel capabilities. A huge list of contact center and CRM integrations. The perfect platform for Consultative Service - whatever your framework.

Trusted by brands worldwide

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