Set your CX apart with 1-1 video chat

Beat live chat sales by up to 4X. Beat live chat AHT by up to 40%. Beat your competitors by offering bespoke, 1-1 video chat experiences.

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Video chat customer service interaction


Show your customers you care with on-demand video

Flexibly offer live video interactions from your contact center or in-store - without customer downloads. Increase the likelihood of purchase by up to 4x.

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Real-time video calls with customer


Show your stakeholders your conversion rates

Let your in-store or contact team show off your products in real-time. Achieve up to 30% increased order value - in up to 40% less time than chat.

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Show your competitors what the best CX really means

Support your video chat interactions with live chat, cobrowse, voice interactions, and more - all included as standard.

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Common questions about Talkative’s live chat

How does Talkative's video chat work for customer service?

Talkative is built around a highly flexible and customizable widget. With video chat embedded straight inside that widget, you can offer instant, on-demand video customer service with customers on your website and app. What's more, Talkative comes with the ability to schedule video chats for another time, and even offer video interactions via social channels like Facebook and WhatsApp.

Does Talkative’s video chat work on both mobile and desktop?

It does! Talkative's video chat is used by some customers to offer contact center video interactions, while other customers use the Talkative app and a smart device (such as an iPhone or iPad) to interact with their end customers on the shop floor. This gives Talkative true flexibility in comparison to most other video chat customer service tools.

Does Talkative's video chat come with live chat or cobrowse capabilities?

Indeed. Talkative is a pick-and-choose toolbox of real-time, digital communication channels. As such, you get access to live chat, cobrowse, chatbot, and social media capabilities - it's all down to the set-up and package that works best for you. What's more, we integrate with several leading contact center and CRM packages. That means you'll be able to offer video chat customer service without causing disruption to the rest of your contact workflows.

Does Talkative’s video chat come with social media, WhatsApp, or SMS capabilities?

It does! Depending on the package you go for, you can couple Talkative's video chat functionality with our social media messaging integrations to offer video and chat interactions on your customer's favorite channels. And with our outbound WhatsApp/SMS feature, you can even offer virtual clienteling services to your repeat video chat customers.

Does Talkative’s video chat integrate into Salesforce?

It does. Talkative is proud of our deeply embedded Salesforce integration, which allows you to embed Talkative's video chat and other channels straight into your Salesforce environment.

Video chat customer service in action

How global retailer lululemon uses Talkative's video chat for bespoke video consultations

lululemon is a technical athletic apparel brand designing gear for yoga, training, and more.


To offer the best digital service possible, lululemon wanted to offer video chat customer service calls with their product experts.


Since getting Talkative, lululemon's video shoppers are 4x as likely to make a purchase compared to standard chat alone.


Seamless integrations and fast deployments

True omnichannel capabilities. A huge list of contact center and CRM integrations. The perfect platform for Consultative Service - whatever your framework.

Trusted by brands worldwide

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