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For support teams and contact centres, Talkative keeps your team efficient by managing customer contact through your website

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Join up your website and contact centre to improve customer support

More customers than ever are choosing to use websites to access information, account details, make changes to policies or simply engage with customer service teams. However, there is still a disconnect between websites and contact centres. Many contact centres are still phone-centric, with offline phone calls being the primary contact channel offered to customers.

But your customers want to communicate with you in a different way. Talkative allows you to communicate with more customers in real time, through your website via live chat, voice, video calling and cobrowsing, giving high calibre, convenient support when they need it most. By integrating website interactions with your contact centre, Talkative allows you to transform customer contact, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Reduce contact centre costs with live chat and integrated voice

Be on hand for your customers by offering a live chat option clearly on key pages of your website, such as the homepage, support and contact pages.

With concurrent chat management within a centralised dashboard, your agents can handle multiple chat enquiries at the same time, simultaneously reducing phone wait times and improving customer satisfaction.

Agents can easily escalate chats to voice calls or cobrowse sessions within the same session.

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Streamline customer contact and encourage self-serve

Manage all customer contact workflows in the same place, including live chats, phone calls, cobrowse sessions and more.

Integrate Talkative with your existing contact centre or telephony systems, such as Mitel or Salesforce, or use the Talkative  platform as standalone.

Use nudges and page-specific rules to only offer contact to customers who have already tried to self-serve. Feed interaction data and outcome tags as events to Google Analytics to further iterate on website self-service initiatives.

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See through your customer's eyes

Customer view instantly renders the web page your customer is currently on, allowing the agent to instantly understand their query.

Solve customer problems quickly through cobrowsing, as agents can share navigation, annotate the page, fill forms and guide the customer to different areas of the website.

Customer journey mapping lets you see the customer's website journey in real time, giving immediate context to a customer's enquiry.

What is cobrowsing?
Live chat on Bravissimo
Watch the video to discover how Bravissimo reduced their chat abandonment rates by 70%

"We reduced our chat abandonment rates from over 10% to 3% in just 2 weeks of going live with Talkative”

Laura Franklin, Customer Services Manager

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Live chat real-time translation

Use Talkative to improve service and accessibility

Improve accessibility and speed up query resolution times with instant language translation into 100+ languages

Use video calling through the website to view physical issues or offer sign language support to customers

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View productivity insights and track efficiency

View real-time interactions, agent statuses/workloads, and manage queue

Understand customer sentiment with post-chat surveys and view on a per-agent and per-queue level

Review agent and queue utilisation, review chat transcripts and monitor overall service levels

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More ways to use Talkative

Looking to improve sales as well as service? Discover how others are using Talkative!
Increase online sales

Use live chat and video to create an in-store experience online, helping to increase online sales

Improve conversions

Engage with website visitors and encourage them to complete their online journeys

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Generate more leads

Generate more leads and support your offline processes through Talkative, by increasing bookings, appointments and demos

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