10 Ways to Generate More Inbound Leads From Your Website + Infographic

Ben Roberts
February 23, 2021
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So you’ve managed to get people to your website – that’s the half the battle done. The next part is helping these website visitors actually become leads. Because if your marketing efforts aren’t yielding a tangible outcome like leads, then why are you doing it? Yes, you may not be able to attribute every single £ or $ spent on marketing to a monetary outcome, but there are a number of tactics you can use which can help generate the leads your business needs.

Here we go…

1) Live Web Chat

Embedding live web chat into your website can be an incredible way of generating more qualified leads through your website. Why? Because it adds a human touch to what is often seen as an impersonal medium.

Websites are often described as “shop windows” which is a fair way of putting it. However, shop windows lack interactivity. They lack engagement. Live web chat addresses this issue. It helps your customers to step through that window and interact with the people behind the glass, who are working within the business.

By allowing and encouraging conversations, and by offering quick and personal responses to questions, you are going to be able to generate more leads for your business.

2) DLC (Downloadable Content)

Downloadable content can help you to generate more leads in two distinctive ways.

The first of which is directly as a result of the content. These are people and businesses who will contact you as a direct result of reading/watching or listening to the content. They will do this if you content is thought provoking, helpful and knowledge rich.

It’s all about value. The more value and knowledge you can offer the more likely you and your business are to be seen as experts within your given field.

The second way that DLC can generate leads is indirectly, through things like email signups and notifications. If people find your content compelling and insightful then they will likely signup to your more regular communications. This will give you more opportunities for lead generation, as opposed to hoping people are ready to buy after reading just a single piece of downloadable content.

3) Blog content

Blog content is different to downloadable in the sense that there is less commitment on the part of both the reader and the creator. For businesses it is much easier to create shorter blogs than it is to create an ebook.

Because there is less commitment required on behalf of readers to engage there is a lower propensity to purchase after reading a blog. However, what blogs do is rank really well in search engines for niche searches. They also act as a gateway to potential customers finding out more about the business and the services/products on offer.

4) Online Reviews

Online reviews are a hugely important trust signal to potential customers. They not only help to signal how good a product/service is, but also how popular the service is and how good the company itself is.

These trusted sources of user generated content have a wealth of benefits for lead generation. Especially for new customers. They help to reduce the risks associate with buying from and working with a company that is previously unknown to them.

The more trust you can give to your website visitors the more likely they are to become qualified leads.

5) Reduce form size

It sounds simple, but the more you reduce the size of your signup forms, the more leads you are likely to receive from them. This is due to the reduced amount of friction needed in order to complete the form.

Ultimately every single keystroke that a customer is required to make is a potential barrier to lead generation. However, certain details are essential in order for a lead to be registered. Therefore, you need to understand the minimum viable data set needed to respond to the lead, but not so much that it’s off-putting to potential leads. This will usually require a degree of A/B/C testing.

6) Self-signup areas

If you can give your prospects the ability to try the product or service without the need to speak to someone (unless they would like to), then you are able to quickly get them engaged in your offering, thus making them more likely to purchase. By allowing website visitors to self-signup you have removed a barrier to trying the service. You also have a fantastic ability to be able to upsell or cross-sell your solution, even give them a taste of what they could have at the highest price point, giving them a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out) should they not choose that product.

7) CTAs (Call to Actions)

CTAs are highly important in the lead generation process. Their role goes far beyond colours and giving people commands. There are small subtleties that can make a huge difference. This could simply be in the form of the words and colours used or even the lack of.

There is more than one type of call to action. Your website will; likely have both primary CTAs and secondary. The primary CTAs are the actions you really want your customers to take. Some common examples of this would be to “buy now” “contact us” or “download” something. Some examples of secondary CTAs would be to “learn more” about a topic, to read more blog posts or get further details about some specifics. These secondary actions are ones that you are happy for the customer to take in order to get a full picture, but are not as essential as the primary CTAs such as getting people to get in direct contact with the company.

8) Interviews

Interviews can be a brilliant source of lead generation. On the surface they may seem as though you are simply helping to promote another person, but in fact, there are a huge number of benefits both for the interviewee and yourself.

The interviewee obviously gets the opportunity to share their knowledge and ideas. They will also more than likely share this interview with their audience in order to enhance their reputation. This in turn benefits you and your business.

As the interviewer you get to choose which experts to bring in, to give value to your existing audience. You also get the opportunity to learn now ideas yourself. You also get the opportunity to create unique, valuable rich content for your website.

9) Tool Creation

Creating a tool isn’t the easiest of lead generation methods to put into action. But, when done well it can become a very powerful way of enticing people to your website, and capturing their details all while giving them something of value in exchange.

There are some great examples of tools that generate leads such as Coschedule’s Headline Analyzer or Hubspot’s Marketing Grader.

These tools capture your website visitors’ data, and provide essential value in return. This instant value makes it perfect for lead generation. If you can afford the time and resources to make a tool that helps people to do a task, or get an answer to a question they need answering.

10) Webinar

Hosting a webinar is a fantastic way of being able to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in a semi-formal way to a wide range of potential leads. These leads are able to not only get immense value from the webinar itself, but are also able to associate you as an expert within the industry.

The great thing about webinars are they can either be live or pre-recorded. You can also host them individually or alongside another industry expert or someone else from within your business.

What next?

This list is not an exhaustive one. There are many additional ways in which you can generate leads through your website. However, I have personally tried and tested each of these 10, and they have all revealed tangible leads as a result.

Remember whichever lead generation method(s) you use, always have your customers in mind. If you want them to take action on your website you have to make it easy, and valuable. Ensure that the process is as seamless as possible.

What other lead generation methods do you use? Which do you find most effective?

Ways to generate leads infographic

Ben Roberts
Sales & Leads
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