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Sam Gibson [Interview]
April 16, 2021
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Digital customer engagement is a vital part of any marketing and sales strategy. It helps to better the online customer journey, increase leads and sales, and boost customer loyalty. We spoke to Sam Gibson, the Managing Director of Enjovia, about how they excel at engaging their customers online.

Why is digital customer engagement so important to your organisation?

We have customers in over 30 countries and interest in our service from around the world, digital customer engagement is the only reliable way for us to reach, engage and respond to our potential and current customers.

It has become the path of least resistance, easier than the other more traditional communication mediums.

How do you measure on-site customer engagement?

We measure every interaction with our site, through google analytics, search console, SEMRUSH, heatmaps etc. We also measure our customer chat windows, time to answer, drop offs etc. 

Due to dealing across so many time zones, we have introduced an AI element into our chat but are sensitive to its effectiveness. We measure it closely making frequent changes to the flow. Although the technology is promising, it will

be a long time before it has the effectiveness and personal touch of a real person, which if possible we always try to achieve.

Can you share an example of a successful customer engagement strategy used on your website?

Adding a chat window into our support / FAQ microsite, this allowed us to communicate with customers mid use, without phone calls and without emails. 99% of support calls are small tips or advice on how to do something, being able to respond to them almost instantly frees up time on the customer side and for us.

We feel it also adds a layer of competency and trust in the company, there’s no wait times, there is always someone waiting to help on the other side.

How has your customer engagement improved since starting this strategy?

We recently did a survey and 100% of our customers rated our service and helpfulness over 9/10. We feel this was a direct response of that ‘instant’ helpfulness, we are available for help, advice and best practise at our customers leisure.

What’s your favourite tool for engaging customers?

My new flavour of the month tool is Calendly. It's made organising meetings so much easier, whether it's new customers or existing, if someone wants to have a chat with me they can pick a time at their leisure in a method of their choosing, then I just receive an email notification that a meeting has been arranged. It's taken a lot of the volleyball back and forth emails out of my inbox.

What are your best tips for building and increasing on-site customer engagement?

As cliché as it is, think of the customer. It’s easy to prioritise what you think you can handle as a business or avoid what may be annoying. When we decided to open up more channels we were worried it would be a never ending deluge of requests.

In reality it’s a manageable and steady flow and our customers have a much better experience centred around their needs and time, not ours. If you’re visiting a site and wanted questions answered, what method would you like, how fast would you like it, would you want your problem solved?

Sam Gibson [Interview]
Customer Experience
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