Talkative Launches Live Chat for Social Media

Nicole Davies
May 25, 2021
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Nicole Davies


Newport, Wales - May 13th: Leading video chat and customer engagement provider Talkative has released a new feature that lets organisations connect with customers on their favourite social channels. 

The release allows businesses to integrate live chat with messaging apps: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, and SMS.

Social messaging apps are an incredibly popular communication channel. As more people choose to use messaging apps to chat with friends and family, the trend is materialising in the world of business and customer relations too. Customers want to connect with organisations on their preferred social channels. 

Talkative’s live chat for social media is the answer to this demand. By integrating live chat with these popular apps and channels, all customer messages are sent to one unified inbox. From there, contact centre agents can reply directly to each message in real-time, just like a website live chat interaction. 

Combined with additional live chat capabilities - including real-time translation, queue management, canned messages, and advanced analytics - the new live social chat feature ensures premium customer support exactly where customers are active.

To further centralise all customer service and interactions, the new release can also be integrated with leading CRM and contact centre solutions, such as Salesforce and Mitel. 

For further details on Talkative live chat for social messaging apps, visit

About Talkative

Talkative helps organisations stay at the forefront of smart customer communication. Its customer engagement platform provides real-time conversational tools that drive digital sales and personalised customer support. By embedding video chat, live chat, web calls, and cobrowse on a company’s website, Talkative enables more meaningful conversations with online customers. 

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