Talkative Introduces Video Chat Dog Filters For Financial Services

Nicole Davies
April 1, 2021
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Nicole Davies

Talkative has announced a long-awaited dog filter for financial institutions that use video chat to connect with customers. 

The solution is the result of Talkative’s unique research into the online experience customers have with financial services. 

Statistical analysis

In numerous polls and surveys, customers reported losing concentration when faced with extensive financial jargon during virtual appointments. 

With research by the University of Oxford showing that cute things strongly attract our attention, Talkative wanted to solve this problem by tapping into the power of cuteness. 

The dog filter solution brings a much needed boost of cuteness to the world of online banking. By sparking a cuteness alert in the brain, customers’ attention is captured for longer during virtual appointments. 

What’s more, Talkative’s innovative platform allows customers to choose the breed of dog they are talking to. 

With 185 dog breeds coded into the system, and a further 10 filters expected in the coming weeks, customers receive a personalised experience for optimum cuteness results. 

Comments from Talkative

A spokesperson from Talkative noted:

My favourite filter is the British Bulldog. Not only do they have a wonderfully infectious smile, they also represent Talkative’s British roots. As a whole, the new dog filters are just one more step in our journey to develop smarter ways of communicating with customers. Quite frankly, I can’t believe we didn’t do this sooner. I also can’t believe you’re still reading this...April Fool’s!

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