The Talkative Brand Story

Felix Winstone
June 24, 2019
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Branding is important

Design is a key component of your brand. But how do you create this initial work? How do you decide on the right logo, the right font, the right colours?

Below is the story behind Talkative's brand design:

Paul Bailey, Marketing and Design Director at Wesley Clover, took on the challenge of redefining Talkative's brand design.

First, Paul solicited feedback from Talkative to understand the company, the product, the market, and most importantly, the customers.

This information was condensed and simplified into key requirements for the new brand design.

Before individual elements are explained, here is the new Talkative logo, in its final form:

The versatile logo can be used on different backgrounds:

A lot of thought was put into the Talkative icon. Here Paul explains how what the company does is simply but effectively incorporated into the logo icon:

Font is crucial. This modified Azo Sans is a perfect fit for Talkative.

The black and orange contrast works well, and complements the Azo Sans font.

The following taglines are placeholders for now.

As well as the primary orange and black, there are additional supporting colours to support more complex layouts. These colours were picked to complement, but not over power, the primary colours.

A mockup of how the branding looks on the Talkative website.

Finally, some mockups of the Talkative admin console. Here we see the need for the additional colours.

The images above are from Paul's original presentation. Almost zero changes have been made from the proposal - a sign that Paul did an exceptional job creating a meaningful design.

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Felix Winstone
Co-Founder and Director

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