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Talkative live chat integrated with Mitel

Mitel live chat with Talkative

Talkative live chat for Mitel allows customer service teams to deliver real-time human support and engagement directly through your website. 

Integrated seamlessly into your existing Mitel contact centre, agents can easily handle live chat sessions alongside other interactions, such as phone calls and emails. 

Chat interactions can be enriched with escalation to other Mitel integrated contact channels, such as video chat and voice, with the click of a button.

Live chat for Mitel is a very effective contact channel which can:

  • Reduce call centre waiting times
  • Improve overall customer experience and satisfaction
  • Drive online conversions and boost sales
  • Speed up resolution rates

talkative integrated with Mitel Ignite

Key features

Mitel live chat with Talkative offers many superior chat functionalities not found in many other web chat solutions:

  • Handle multiple chats side-by-side for efficient contact handling
  • Preview the customer's message
  • Real-time translation into 100+ languages
  • See the customer's journey and current page
  • Leverage canned messages and in-queue messaging
  • Identify returning website visitors and block nuisance chatters
  • Escalate to cobrowse, voice, video or screenshare
  • AI-powered chatbot

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We are always open to building new functionalities in our software, so if you require something extra for your Mitel live chat, don’t hesitate to contact us and ask!

AI-powered chatbot

Mitel live chat from Talkative has AI-powered chatbot capabilities which can be used as a first contact point for customers. 

With Natural Language Processing (NLP), the virtual agent can deal with trivial questions with pre-approved answers, which can reduce interaction times, free up agents and increase operational efficiency. 

When necessary, it can transfer the interaction to a live agent to better deal with the query. The agent will be able to see the customer/virtual agent transcript, so can pick up where the chabot left off.

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Virtual agent interaction

Seamless Mitel integration & expert deployment

Talkative solutions for Mitel

Our Talkative live chat solution is designed with Mitel in mind. It can be seamlessly integrated into MiCC and Web ignite, allowing chats to be routed, handled and reported on within your existing systems. 

Mitel live chat integration means chats, calls and emails are all managed from a centralised dashboard within Ignite, making it easier for agents to handle multiple interactions. 

Mitel experts at Talkative will work closely with you to identify how to best integrate your website, contact centre and Mitel live chat implementation for the best results. 

The live chat UI can be configured to suit the style of your website and feature company colours and branding. 

Nudges and triggers can also be programmed to prompt sophisticated engagement based on visitor behaviour. These triggers can include: time on page, page scroll, basket contents.

“Talkative’s live chat solution allows our customers to engage with our consultants in the same way they would if they were in store, which massively improves our customers’ online experience.”

Built for you

Highly Configurable
  • Customise UI to fit branding
  • Integrate with your Mitel contact centre and CRM
  • Set up nudges and triggers for engagement
Proactive Support
  • 24/7 SLA support
  • Proactive developer assistance
  • On-site training
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Fully compliant
  • GDPR/CCPA compliant
  • Record interactions
  • Restrict permissions/roles
  • Send data on-premise via SFTP/API

Talkative for Mitel

Talkative for Mitel is a complete inbound contact centre solution designed for digital first organisations. As well as live chat, we offer:

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