Inbound call center inside Salesforce

A flexible, cloud contact center built for Salesforce Service Cloud® or Sales Cloud®

True omnichannel telephony

Talkative enables inbound/outbound voice capabilities with Lightning integration into Salesforce. Case history is presented to agents upon incoming calls to provide a seamless customer care experience across channels, so your agents truly live within Salesforce.

Agents are able to manage incoming calls, outgoing calls, web calls and all other voice calls in the same place that cases and contacts are being updated.

Telephony is available alongside Talkative's other interaction channels (chat, video, etc.) or with Salesforce email and chat capabilities.

Screenshot of live chat integrated with Salesforce

Receive and make calls within Salesforce

Talkative's agent web phone allows agents to handle voice calls within Salesforce.

Call recordings are accessible and linked to Salesforce contacts. Have calls stored in Talkative's data centers, or host the voice files in your own on-premise infrastructure.

No DDIs or existing telephony is required, you just need a browser and a headset!

Talkative voice call

Routing and reporting

Talkative's ACD routing system lets you configure multiple queues, omnichannel workloads and wrap up timers.

A real-time supervisor dashboard shows call stats, wait times, and adjustable agent presence. Interaction data is stored in Salesforce so you can create your own historical reports and tie Talkative into business KPIs.

Set up custom welcome messages and IVR. Incident management lets you instantly update welcome messages to smooth out spikes of inbound calls based on real-time events.

Screenshot of Talkative dashboard integrated with Salesforce

Web calls embed voice into the online journey

Talkative's web calling functionality allows your website visitors to make phone calls directly through your website, without the need for a phone, dialling a number or ever leaving your web page.

Powered by WebRTC technology, web calls placed through your website are treated as normal inbound calls Salesforce.

Customers can place a call at the click of a button on any page of your website, and instantly be connected to a live agent within Salesforce Service Cloud.

Live chat widgets

Expert deployment

Our Salesforce experts work with you to identify how you can best tie together your website journey, your contact centre and your Salesforce implementation.

We customise the Talkative UI and configure nudges to match your branding and website journey. All you need to do is copy/paste a code snippet into your website or tag management system.

We work with you to ensure all workflows are optimally configured, and build out new functionality where necessary.

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