Felix Winstone

Co-Founder and Director

Felix Winstone is the Managing Director and one of the co-founders of Talkative.

Blog Posts

How to Ensure a HIPAA Compliant Chat: A FULL Checklist

Is live chat HIPAA compliant? What features does web chat software need to make it a secure and appropriate platform to communicate with your clients? Read our complete compliance checklist to ensure your chat solution is HIPAA approved and compliant.

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The Talkative Brand Story

Before anyone gets to know your company, they form an opinion just by looking at your name and logo. So, we wanted to share the story of how we developed the Talkative brand.

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Cobrowsing Benefits? [5 Key Use Cases]

How can your company use cobrowsing technology? Discover 5 ways cobrowsing can be used to assist with sales and enhance customer support, bringing great benefits to your business.

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What is Click to Call & What are its Top 5 Benefits?

Click to call lets customers contact you through one simple click on a website or mobile app. It’s easy, fast & free! Discover how it can increase conversions, improve engagement and more...

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Web Chat Best Practices: Top Tricks For Success [Updated]

The only guide you’ll ever need for excelling at live web chat to improve sales and customer service.

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