Dynamics 365 Contact Center Integration

Deliver superior customer experiences with Talkative's omnichannel contact center solution.

Talkative’s integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 means you can now give your contact center team a more intuitive and flexible set of contact channels.

At the same time, your agents can gain a full overview of both customer interactions and your CRM - all in one space. 

In turn, you can speed up agent workflow, and engage more customers across their favourite channels, including:

Give your agents full control - all in one workspace 

By integrating Talkative with Microsoft Dynamics 365, your agents have access to both your customer contact channels and your CRM, all in one tab. 

It means your agents can truly live inside of Dynamics for all their activities - speeding up their workflow and your team's resolution times. 

What's more, Talkative's integration with Dynamics gives you the power to take control of real-time customer insights. 

With contextual interaction logs automatically updated and accessible within the Dynamics 365 case tabs and dashboard, you'll always have the most useful customer information on hand. 

Your agents will have a powerful context over who they are speaking to, and they’ll no longer have to search through your CRM for any information.

All this data is even saved to the case record in Dynamics for historical purposes, once again improving your agents’ workflows. 

Your customers will think your agents are superheroes. 

Offer in-person service via video chat - all inside Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has a lot to offer as a contact center solution. 

But with Talkative’s intelligent contact channels, your contact center agents finally have the means to go the extra mile with your customers. 

Take Talkative's video chat. 

By deploying video inside Dynamics, you can meet customers online with face-to-face interactions, giving your call center a truly competitive differentiator. 

Check out the image below to see how Talkative’s video chat looks within a Dynamics interaction. 

By deploying Talkative's video chat, you'll be giving your site's visitors the most personalized customer experiences possible. You can’t get better digital service than that. 

Customise your contact center to suit your needs. 

Why limit customer communication when you can make the most of what Microsoft and Talkative has to offer? 

With this latest integration, you can deploy separate digital channels or the full Talkative solution. 

Whatever contact channels suit your needs, your contact center will be best equipped to provide sensational service and support - without any extraneous overheads. 

Simple to setup and light as a feather

Some Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications weigh a tonne and slow your team down. 

With Talkative, you can update your entire contact center in minutes. 

It'll give your agents the ability to solve all customer queries in real-time - while giving your IT department a break from any painful system setups.

Getting started

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