Twitter Direct Messages Integration

Serve your Twitter followers on their favorite platform - without leaving your dashboard!

You can now engage more Twitter followers than ever before - thanks to Talkative’s latest integration with Twitter Direct Messages! 

Similar to Talkative’s Facebook and WhatsApp integrations, this latest update means your agents can serve your customers directly through Twitter’s Direct Message function - without them having to leave Talkative!

In fact, every Twitter Direct Message interaction will work exactly the same as any other live chat or integrated chat conversation. 

It means a wider reach for your organization and continued efficiency for your contact center team.

Want to get started straight away? Get in touch with your Talkative Account Manager to learn about the full possibilities and functionalities of a Twitter and Talkative integration! 

Supercharge your integration with a social media chatbot

Along with the perks listed above, this latest update comes pre-packed with additional functionality. 

Namely, the ability to deploy a chatbot or AI virtual agent via Twitter Direct messages. 

It’s an even smarter way to ensure round the clock coverage for your customers.

Full functionality for the best customer experience

While this latest update allows you to meet more of your customers on their favorite social network, it’s this integration’s feature list that makes it a great channel for your contact center team. 

With text messages, attachments, stickers, GIFs and video all available to share via Direct Message, you can ensure all your customers are getting the same level of service and assistance - whether they’re getting in touch via Twitter or your brand’s own app. 

And once again, as far as your agents are concerned, they still have the same functionality as any other Talkative chat interaction. 

That means dynamic canned messages, automatic translation into 100+ languages, and a new and improved sentiment analysis function, and much, much more. 

Getting started 

Want to get started with a Twitter Direct Messages integration straight away? Get in touch with your Talkative Account Manager today! 

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