Zendesk Integration

Engage customers with real-time chat, video, voice and more - all inside Zendesk

‍Brands using Zendesk can now engage more customers than ever - thanks to Talkative’s latest integration. 

With an embedded console featuring every Talkative channel, you can serve customers in real-time across your website, app, and socials - without ever leaving your Zendesk environment.

Project lead: Luke Morcom

‘It's been really enjoyable finding out what our customers want from a Talkative Zendesk integration, and letting that guide our development process. Zendesk's API is well documented and straightforward to interact with. Having Talkative running inside a Zendesk environment will streamline our customers' workflows and increase agent productivity.’

Turn your helpdesk agents into real-time experts

Whether you engage customers via chat, video, voice, or more, each Talkative interaction comes through to Zendesk as a standard ticket. 

It means you can quickly adapt your helpdesk agents into real-time customer advisors. 

Pre-chat interaction data is also automatically mapped into Zendesk tickets. 

So, when returning customers engage with your widget, the new interaction will be automatically filed under their existing account. 

In turn, your advisors will have total customer context as soon as the interaction begins. 

Stress-free setup, instant engagement

Anyone can set up Talkative within minutes. All it takes is a simple file upload to your Zendesk Admin Center. 

Nevertheless, the Talkative pro services team is always available to help you create a chat widget and nudge setup that quickly attracts and engages your most valuable customers.

Future updates

The team plans to make Talkative’s Zendesk integration much more advanced. 

With plans to develop features such as ticket notes and customizable workflows, Zendesk teams will be able to offer an even stronger customer experience in real time. 

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Getting started 

Want to learn more about integrating your Zendesk account with Talkative? 

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