Safe, secure and compliant customer service through your financial services website

Whether you operate in banking, insurance, investment or mortgages, every conversation matters. Use live chat, video calling and cobrowse to offer secure guidance to your customers and deliver tailored, personal advice.

Convenient, secure and transparent conversations with your customers

Instead of forcing customers to contact you on channels they don’t want to use, instead, consider enabling your customers to choose the channel they wish to speak to you on, in a way that remains compliant and actually helps improve contact centre effectiveness.

By offering your customers more contact channels through your website, you can maximise the volume of conversations you're having with customers whilst reducing query resolution rates.
Live chat, web calling, video calling and cobrowsing are great tools for increasing customer experience whilst maintaining compliance and FCA regulations.

Security and compliance

  • Fully GDPR Compliant
  • End-to-end encryption for secure conversations
  • Conversations are saved, timestamped and searchable
  • No client data is held by Talkative
  • Client data can be passed into existing CRM

Watch the video to take a closer look at how Talkative's web chat solution can help bridge the gap between your online customers and your contact centre agents

Real time communication to increase lead generation

  • Canned messages, which are short, pre-written responses, can also be used for automatic greetings, frequently asked questions or to gather key customer data, such as customer contact details, which can be automatically saved into the system to boost lead generation. You can also:
  • Escalate from live chat to voice in the same session
  • Add video and cobrowse to live chat interactions
  • Route calls into existing telephony systems
  • Escalate interactions with no plugins/downloads needed

Talkative cobrowse customer view

Use as standalone or integrate with your existing systems

The Talkative solution allows you to manage all website interactions from our sophisticated Engage platform, enabling you to offer your customers a fast, efficient contact channel which also elevates their online experience.

You can also connect the Talkative Engage platform with your existing telephony or contact centre setup, such as Mitel or Salesforce Service Cloud, so your agents can manage all interactions in the same place.

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