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Reinvent your contact centre and transform customer experience with an intelligent conversational chatbot
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AI-powered virtual agent chatbot

Powered by Google, the Talkative virtual agent handles common questions to increase contact centre efficiency. 

With lightning fast response times, it keeps customers happy and reduces the high demand on live agents. 

Embed the conversational agent into your existing contact centre system for fast and seamless transfer to a live agent when necessary. 

The Talkative virtual agent can:

  • Detect user ‘intent’ with Natural Language Processing
  • Select appropriate responses from pre-approved text
  • Integrate with Google DialogFlow to build conversations
  • Sync-up with company data to provide personalised responses e.g. order numbers and names
  • Serve multiple languages with real-time translation
  • Be embedded into a mobile app (Android and iOS)
  • Transfer interactions to a live agent with ease
  • Produce reports to understand success rates and deflections
It’s the only platform that lets you escalate from self-service, to virtual agent, to live chat, and to video chat all in one!

Integrate with CRM & Contact Centre for seamless live agent transfer

Unlike many virtual agent solutions, Talkative can be deployed rapidly as a complete solution that’s designed to be embedded into your contact centre.

Integrate the chatbot with your CRM and contact centre platform, such as Mitel and Salesforce Service Cloud, to perfect your omnichannel offering. 

Transfer to a live agent channel is quick and seamless, ensuring a streamlined and positive customer experience. These channels include:

Transcripts from the virtual agent exchange are also transferred to provide context and save the customer repeating information. 

Customise transfer triggers to suit your business needs, e.g. when a certain phrase is mentioned or the virtual agent can’t deal with a request.

Virtual agent interaction

Discover more about Talkative Mitel and Salesforce integration

Use cases: Is a virtual agent suited to your organisation?

Our conversational agent can be used to answer frequently asked questions (FAQs) for any type of business or organisation, including:

  • Retail
  • Ecommerce
  • Technology
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Travel
  • Public Sector

We train the agent to deal with questions specific to your business so it becomes unique to your company.

Drive efficiency, speed & superior customer support

What are the benefits of a Talkative virtual agent?

Fast response-times

Programmed to pick up intent and respond automatically, our virtual agent brings immediate answers to customers. No more long waiting times!

Empower agent

With your virtual agent dealing with FAQs, live agents are free to take the time they need to deal with complicated requests and issues.

24/7 customer support

Set up your virtual agent to operate out of business hours so you can serve customers whenever they need it.

Generate more leads

Collect customer information, such as email address and name, during a virtual agent exchange so you never miss a lead.

Virtual Agent pricing

The Talkative virtual agent is affordable and can be deployed swiftly. 

In addition to providing the virtual agent platform, Talkative helps you configure and train the system. As a result, our chatbot pricing is split into two components:

  • A small monthly fee based on consumption, i.e. how many conversations the chatbot handles each month.
  • An optional consulting cost to train and configure your virtual agent. If you have in-house resources, you can configure your chatbot yourself, however, many organisations opt to use a specialist conversational design agency or leverage Talkative’s expertise. This cost varies depending on the complexity of your customer journey.


Monthly fee based on usage e.g. number of exchanges


Optional fee for training and configuration
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Custom branding and expert deployment

Live engagement platform (orange)

From the colour of your virtual agent widget to the web pages it operates on, everything about your Talkative conversational agent is customised to fit your business or organisation. 

Our experts work closely with you to develop your virtual agent, and integrate it into your website and contact centre. After deployment, the team is always available to provide support and assistance.

Is the Talkative virtual agent right for you?

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