WebRTC video chat for Salesforce

Offer video calls to your website visitors directly within our website-driven contact centre, designed for Salesforce Service Cloud

Integrated video calling for Salesforce

Enhance your contact center offering by integrating WebRTC video calling directly into Salesforce Service Cloud.

Live agents can offer customers personal, private consultations to improve online experience and customer satisfaction. Enable agents to handle customer queries more effectively by being able to see and understand their problems, and talk to customers face to face.

Video calling can also be used to improve contact centre accessibility and create a personalised website experience, which increases online conversions and sales while improving  customer satisfaction.

Video chat integrated with Salesforce

Easy to set up and use

Agents have full control over the video calling session, by being able to offer and one or two way video call at the click of a button.

A video call can be requested by the customer from the beginning of the session. Or, the agent can escalate a chat or voice interaction into a video call at any point during an interaction.

Video calls are routed through to the same agent automatically, appearing in the queue natively within Salesforce. Alternatively, video calls can be routed to different agents, departments easily.

Bravissimo screenshot

Expert deployment

Our Salesforce experts work with you to identify how you can best tie together your website journey, your contact centre and your Salesforce implementation.

We customise the Talkative UI and configure nudges to match your branding and website journey. All you need to do is copy/paste a code snippet into your website or tag management system.

We work with you to ensure all workflows are optimally configured, and build out new functionality where necessary.

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