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Acquire has many competitors, but their closest competitor is Talkative, a solution that provides a more human experience for your digital customers.
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The rise of the omnichannel customer experience

It’s been a long time coming, but every contact center now knows the value of a seamless customer experience. 

Offering more digital communication channels to your customers has never been more important - nor easier. 

In fact, if you aren’t meeting your customers via their favorite channels, your organization is missing out on valuable conversations. 

But what sets out one omnichannel platform from another? What sets out Talkative from Acquire? 

Talkative provides a more human digital experience. We’d love to show you how…

Need more specifics?

To help you make the best decision, the rest of this article will give you the lowdown on Talkative’s best use cases, as well as the specific feature comparisons you need to consider.

In essence, they’re the reasons our customers choose Talkative over anyone else.

Still, if you want a personalized guide into how Talkative can reinvent your contact center?
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Talkative vs Acquire

Let's be honest.

When it comes to choosing the right customer communication platform for your organization, you're going to see a lot of apparent feature overlaps from solution to solution.

Think about it: nearly every customer support platform on the market is going to have some kind of live chat software on offer, for instance. 

So, when comparing Acquire alternatives, you're probably going to come across a lot of articles that list competing rundowns of core product features.

If you've got a specific use case you're trying to meet or a goal you're trying to achieve, these kinds of feature rundowns can be incredibly useful - it's why we've included the traditional kind of feature comparison below.

It’s why we prioritize our product update articles as much as the Talkative blog too. 

But let's face it, most comparison articles don't hit on the real reason why you should choose one alternative over another.

For example, there are some obvious differences between Talkative and Acquire. 

For starters, Talkative can offer direct video chat interactions from your app, as well as mobile and desktop browsers. Acquire requires a support agent to escalate live chat to video, regardless of the contact method. 

Still, these kinds of differences? They’re somewhat superficial. 

So, with this article, we want to go a step deeper.

We want to explain the real difference between Acquire and its most similar competitor: Us.

Want the quick takeaways? Skip to the features rundown at the bottom of the page!

Talkative's DNA

Talkative is purpose-built for contact centers and organizations that want to offer a more human experience to their digital customers.

Now, that’s not to say that both Acquire and Talkative aren’t aimed at the same audience. 

And both Acquire and Talkative do have very similar customer engagement channels on offer.  

But there's an important difference:

Acquire dubs their product as a 'digital-first customer service' tool.

With Talkative, we want to make your customers forget they're having a digital interaction at all.

For us, it's about creating the most seamless and human customer experience possible.

It's why we prioritize both video chat and live chat software over chatbots and other AI technology.

We still have them on offer, sure, and our self-service tools can be an incredibly powerful option for you to explore.

But Talkative was built with a different ethos in mind.

Like you, we understand that human customers want to create human relationships with your organization.

So, we’ve made it our mission to facilitate those relationships. 

Here’s how. 

Talkative is not just designed around your customers

It's built around your customer service team too.

After all, to create better and more valuable relationships with your customers, your support and sales teams need two things:

  1. Firstly, and somewhat obviously, they need intelligent contact channels to build stronger connections with your website visitors.
  2. But they also need access to an intuitive set of tools that they feel comfortable using to their best ability.

Let's take a look at that second point. Because it's a point that’s often taken for granted. 

Talkative helps your team offer better customer service

Unlike Acquire, Talkative can launch inside your CRM or contact center solution.

It means you and your team can keep working inside the software you're most comfortable using, all while enjoying the addition of Talkative's enhanced chat, video, cobrowsing, and more.

Let's look at an example.

Say you and your team serve your customers using Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud

With Talkative, your agents can use all of our intelligent contact channels within the Salesforce dashboard.

Acquire, on the other hand, forces your agents to live inside a new platform. Your team will still be adjusting to the new system while they could've been connecting with more leads and customers with Talkative's more flexible solution.

Which brings us to our next point.

Talkative values originality and flexibility

As we said above, when it comes to choosing a customer conversations platform for your contact center, it's a given that there's going to be some overlap between competing live chat tools.

But when it comes to some providers? There's a lot more overlap than you might think.

Just check out the similarities between Acquire and another leading live chat support tool, Intercom.

Acquire's widget
Intercom's widget

We have to admit it: both platforms look great. 

The way their widgets work feels clear and intuitive too. 

But Intercom was famously built with software developers and B2B markets in mind. Looking at Acquire's similarities with their interfaces, it looks like Acquire was too.

Talkative, on the other hand, likes to do things a little differently. 

In fact, we’re proud to say that we've got the most customisable chat widget on the market - one that's fully flexible around your customers and your branding requirements.

Talkative's customisable chat widget

Again, it all comes back down to our DNA.

We want to inspire your end users with human interactions that spark delight. 

It's why we've always made sure to make our software original but intuitive for your target audience - not anyone else's.

The reason we're so confident in saying so is simple: Talkative has had the same mission from day one. 

Not every software provider can say that. 

Talkative vs Acquire: Pricing transparency 

Not every software provider is wholly transparent with their pricing either. 

Nor are they confident enough to offer a free trial to customers. 

It’s two more key differences between Talkative and Acquire. 

In fact, we’re all too excited to show you inside the product today with our Talkative Free Trial

Acquire won’t do the same. 

And whereas Acquire requests that you book a demo to get a better understanding of the overheads you’ll be incurring, we like to put our price points up front too. 

To the best of our ability, at least. 

Because sometimes, you’re going to need a bespoke package that’s created solely around your needs. 

And like we mentioned above, Talkative is built with flexibility in mind. 

Talkative pricing tiers, and a flexible option for bespoke deployments.

Speaking of flexibility, our team prides ourselves on our willingness to collaborate and customise too.

It’s one of the reasons we’ve received such strong reviews from our customers. 

And yes, while we love to boast that our customer engagement channels are proven to boost sales conversions, we love hearing strong customer feedback just as much.

Because without a communicative relationship between us and you, our customers?

We wouldn't be the company that we are today. 

Talkative vs Acquire: An in-depth comparison

With all the above said, we get it. 

Ultimately, deciding on the right digital tools for you is going to require the right core features. 

It’s all well and good having a nice ethos, but if we can’t help convert more visitors on your company website, what good is that philosophy?

So, with that in mind, let's see how Talkative stacks up against Acquire as a video, voice, cobrowse, and live chat tool.

Native integration into CRM & Contact Center
On demand video chat
Must start chat first
Live chat
Cobrowse & screenshare
SMS & WhatsApp
Virtual Agents & chatbots

Acquire io competitors: which will you choose?

There you have it, the core differences between Acquire and Talkative’s features. 

As well as the core DNA differences too.

Of course, that's not to say there aren't other support or sales tools out there.

In fact, there's a huge list of other solutions you might be considering to better connect with and serve your customers.

It's why we've written up a list of other competitors for you to review below.

Still, with this particular comparison, we wanted to do something a little different.

We wanted to tell you what kind of company Talkative is first and foremost - before discussing the solution. 

So, if you like what you've read and you want to work with a company that values human customers the same way your organization values yours?

Book a demo, and get Talkative with us today.

Not quite convinced?

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But if you wanted to get started by taking a look around Talkative for yourself, you’re absolutely welcome.

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