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Bravissimo provide personalised shopping experiences through cobrowsing

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The MDU use cobrowsing to offer members specialist support when handling queries

Why cobrowsing?

In an age of collaborative communication, cobrowsing is the next evolution in offering your customers the highest levels of customer service whilst helping you to generate more sales.

The benefits cobrowsing can bring you and your customers are numerous. From guiding visitors and customers through your website and member’s areas to assisting form-filling, answering questions and giving platform walk-throughs.

By offering collaborative tools such as Talkative’s cobrowsing to your website, you can offer a new dimension to your website experience. Cobrowsing has also been proven to help reduce annual support costs, increased profits and improve overall company growth.

What is cobrowsing?
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Powerful cobrowse functionality

  • Accurately render the customer's screen to see what they're seeing in real time
  • Direct interaction with the website to help solve problems faster
  • Annotate the page and share navigation to give superior guidance
  • Transport customers to different pages on the website with ease using Page Push
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Privacy-focused security

  • No plugins or downloads required for website users
  • No sensitive data is visible to agents and sensitive data does not leave the customer's browser
  • Cobrowsing only reveals current website page, no other windows, files, tabs or desktop
  • Sensitive data is redacted from agent view
Is cobrowsing secure?
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Easy setup and use

  • Cobrowsing requires only 3 lines of code for setup
  • Can be used as a stand-alone tool or combined with web chat, voice and video to create a holistic solution
  • Cobrowsing works with all modern browsers and devices
  • Customisable UI and bespoke nudges to fit in with your branding
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"Cobrowsing has transformed how we manage customer enquiries about Certificate of Origin forms. Complex enquiries can be solved faster, which saves us a lot of time"

Doug Blair, Managing Director

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Contact centre integration

  • Integrate with leading contact centre systems e.g. Mitel
  • Unified queueing, reporting and agent management
  • Integrate cobrowsing with other workflows such as chat, email and phone calls
Learn about Mitel integrations
Digital contact channels integrated with Mitel

CRM integration

  • Native Lightning integration with Salesforce (both Sales and Service Cloud)
  • Transcripts and data stored and reported on within CRM
  • Real time look up of customer details during cobrowse session
  • Send lead data into other CRM systems e.g. Insightly
Learn about Salesforce integrations
Salesforce on AppExchange

Screenshare with customers

There are times when a full cobrowse session isn’t needed. Sometimes, it just takes a quick look, without the need for sharing navigation, annotation or anything else. That’s why we also offer a pure screenshare feature too.

With Talkative Screenshare, the agent can quickly share their screen, or an approved application, and this will be streamed directly to the customer. Screenshare can be initiated by either the agent or the customer, allowing problems to be solved faster and improving online sales.

Person using video chat and cobrowse
Live chat transfer to video chat

Use Screenshare to enhance online experience

Screenshare is typically used alongside a web call, video call or chat interaction, as this is likely the time when the customer will need to show or see something on their screen. Screenshare is an efficient, yet powerful tool which can be used to assist customers and improve online experience dramatically. For example: 

- Screenshare can be used to help customers with remote tech support, if they are having a issue installing an application or logging into a system 

- It can also be used by salespeople to show customers PDFs and brochures, or desktop applications

Powered by WebRTC, Screenshare requires no plugins or downloads, all you need is a good internet connection. It also works on any device, including desktop, mobile and tablet, and works with all modern browsers.

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