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Why choose cobrowsing software?

From guiding customers through your website to assisting with tasks, cobrowsing is the next evolution in offering your customers the highest levels of customer service. It’s been proven to help reduce annual support costs, increase profits, and improve customer satisfaction.
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Solve customer problems in real-time

  • View and annotate the customer’s screen in real-time
  • Share navigation to guide the customer through your website
  • Use page push to easily direct customers to different webpages

100% safe and secure

  • No plugins or downloads
  • All sensitive data is masked from agents and never leaves the customer's browser
  • Only shows current website page - no other windows, files, tabs or desktop

Enhanced customer support

Use cobrowsing alongside live chat, video chat, and web calling to increase sales and offer the best customer experience.
Web chat interface

“Cobrowsing has transformed how we manage customer enquiries. complex enquiries can be solved faster, which saves us a lot of time."

Doug Blair, Managing Director

Flexible cobrowsing solution

Highly configurable

Deploy cobrowsing in minutes with just 3 lines of code.

Easy to use

Cobrowsing works with all browsers and devices, and requires no plugins/downloads.

chat on mobile

Customised design

Highly customisable UI and bespoke nudges/triggers to fit your branding.


When a full cobrowse session isn’t needed, simply screen share with customers to solve problems and improve online sales. Screenshare can be used to:
  • help customers with remote tech support
  • show customers PDFs, brochures, and desktop applications
Screen sharing requires no plugins or downloads, and works on all browsers and devices.

Seamlessly integrate with your website, CRM, and contact centre

    With Talkative's enhanced cobrowsing, you can integrate into a huge range of systems without any friction. It means you can supercharge your customers’ online experience with ease.

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