Give chat agents the answer to any customer question

Genrative AI chat widget
Genrative AI chat widget
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AI Autocomplete & Rephrase
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AI Suggested Responses
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Scale personalised and profitable service with AI live chat

Smarter, faster agents

Get AI to give your agents instant access to accurate information on all your products and polices

Easy to use

Serve every customer in a single agent console - whatever channel or device they use.

Deep CX insights

Advanced AI-powered analytics let you uncover insights and optimise performance.

Get your live chat agents to serve more customers with less work

Multimedia chat tools for improved engagement

Image / video sharing, screensharing, live video chat, voice notes, and more - all the flexible features that customers enjoy inside your chat widget.

generative AI Knowledge base url

Assist your agents with AI

Give your agents instant AI suggestions and assistance from Navi, your agents’ personal AI that’s trained on your brand knowledge base to answer questions and advise next steps.

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Keep Gen AI conversations on track

Secure your CX with generative AI that’s backed up by intent-based conversational flows and prompt engineering that steers customer conversations to satisfied resolutions.

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Coach agents mid-chat

Give your supervisors the ability to monitor chats, offer assistance with internal messaging, or enter the conversation via barge-in - all in real-time.

Speed up responses with AI Rephrasing & Autocomplete

Get your agents to cut down average handle times and improve communication by giving them AI tools that help them rephrase, improve, or verify their responses.

AI reporting

Make your agents fluent in 100+ languages

Built-in real-time translation breaks down language barriers so your agents can instantly communicate with customers of any nationality.

AI reporting

Advanced AI chat capabilities supported by a robust CX platform

Chatbot conversation

Every conversation in a single browser

No need to switch to different screens, software, or communication channels. Talkative's single-view console unites every customer-facing channel, your CRM / back-office systems, and even supervisor messaging into one easy-to-use screen.

Understand 10,000 chats in an instant

Speed up quality assurance with customisable AI Interaction Insights that let you study huge amounts of interaction data in manageable reports - all footnoted with representative examples.

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Qualify, route, and engage

Identify promising interaction points, launch proactive nudges, and route interactions to the most qualified agents.

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Save hours of agent and supervisor time with in-app AI assistance

AI Chatbot

Handle up to 50% of customer interactions with instant, accurate, and personalised generative AI that you can easily manage in-house.

  • AI Knowledge Base Assistant

  • AI Agent Handover

  • No-Code Bot Builder

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AI Copilot

AI Supervisor Assistant

Review and summarise thousands of interactions with AI's help, cutting down hours of manual supervisor tasks.

  • AI Interaction Insights

  • AI Knowledge Gap Reports

  • AI Agent Training Tools

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AI summaries

Launch on-brand chat widgets, seamless integrations, and AI Analytics...

Move over, Einstein

Seamlessly integrate into Salesforce and deliver the same customer experience - for up to 4-10x the saving.

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Supervisor Dashboard

Monitor, analyse, and improve

Measure self-serve and chatbot KPIs, review chat transcripts, and even analyse customer / chatbot conversations in real-time

Widget builder

Create on-brand chat widgets that proactively engage

Build fully on-brand chat widgets with proactive nudges - without the need for designers or developers.

Interactive Tour

Take the Talkative Interactive Tour to see how quickly you can create a brand-trained AI chatbot.

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