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Why live chat? 

Being able to communicate directly with agents isn't a luxury for customers anymore... it is a necessity.

More people than ever before are choosing online channels, such as websites, to shop, research, communicate and find information. Websites are convenient, informative and highly functional, but ultimately lack personalisation and a human touch, which can often leave customers feeling isolated from your brand and neglected in their online journey.

Through live chat, agents can assist customers quickly and easily, at any place and any time. At the same time, delivering the personal, human support that customers are used to receiving in store or over the phone, helping to drive online conversions and improve over customer experience.
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"We were averaging 60-70 chats per day. On day one of go live, we had 350 chats and have sustained that level ever since"

Watch the video case study to learn more about Healthspan's journey with Talkative!

Speak directly with
online customers

Agents are able to handle multiple concurrent live chats, with chat windows being placed side by side to give agents a clear view within Mitel Ignite.

Customer message preview also helps to maximise efficiency, as this shows agents what customers are typing before they hit send. This gives agents a head start when answering customer queries, which aids faster resolution rates.

Improve accessibility and maximise sales and service with our real time translation tool, which allows agents to automatically translate customer responses and entire chat interactions into over 100+ global languages.

Real time communication

  • Canned messages, which are short, pre-written responses, can also be used for automatic greetings, frequently asked questions or to gather key customer data, such as customer contact details, which can be automatically saved into the system to boost lead generation. You can also:
    Escalate fromlive chat to voice in the same session
  • Addvideo andcobrowse to live chat interactions
  • Route calls into existing telephony systems
  • Escalate interactions with no plugins/downloads needed
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Customer journey insight

  • Gives you a real-time visual overview of web pages your customer has visited during the session
  • Agents can securely view session data e.g. basket contents
  • View the current page the customer is on to help contextualise their enquiry
  • Send customers to a different page on your website with Page Push
  • Use cobrowse to see, understand and solve customer issues

Match to your branding

  • Fully customisable user interface to match branding
  • Lightweight deployment via Google Tag Manager
  • Full configurable pre-chat forms
  • Web API to invoke chat from existing website elements

"We were immediately impressed by Talkative's holistic approach to website communication - being able to combine chats and webcalls is a real differentiator”

Nick Reisinger, Managing Director

Business intelligence

  • In depth reporting on agents, queues, feedback and more
  • Google Analytics integration uncovers trends and patterns
  • All chat transcripts are logged, stored and searchable
  • Configure automatic greeting messages
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Intelligently trigger conversations

  • Trigger nudges based on factors including time on page
  • URL based chat routing to queues and agents
  • Chat box can be hidden based on hours and queue availability
  • Optional lead capture when system offline

Professional Deployment Assistance


We work to ensure every aspect of your chat deployment is working optimally, with no developer resource required


On-site training supplemented by webinars, 24/7 SLA support, developer assistance and proactive account management


In-depth platform reporting and reporting integration with CRM, CC and Google Analytics or 3rd party analytics systems

Contact centre integration

  • Integrate with leading contact centre systems e.g.Mitel
  • Unified queueing, reporting and agent management
  • Blend live chat with email and voice workloads
Learn more about Mitel integrations

CRM integration

  • Native Lightning integration withSalesforce Service Cloud and Sales Cloud
  • Leverage existing knowledge base for canned messages
  • Real time look up of customer details during chat
  • Send lead data into other CRM systems e.g. Insightly
  • Transcripts and data stored and reported on within CRM
Learn more about Salesforce integrations

Enterprise ready

  • Variable data retention policy
  • Keep data on-premise via RESTful API connection
  • Automatically blocks card numbers for PCI-DSS compliance
  • Black list page push URLs
  • Block nuisance chatters

Live chat resources

Case study

Bravissimo reduced their chat abandonment rate to just 3% using Talkative.
Read the case study to discover how

Best practices

SLA support, developer assistance and proactive account management to meet your needs

Demo videos

Product demos, training materials, tips, how-to's and guides to help you make the most out of your Talkative solution
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