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Offer maximum personalization with video support

Deliver instant video experiences from your website, app, kiosks, and social channels - without any downloads required.

Genrative AI chat widget
Genrative AI chat widget
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AI Agent Assist
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On-Demand & Scheduled Calls
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Deliver personable and profitable video experiences from your chat widget

Impress your customers

Set your brand apart from the competition and deliver truly personalised video experiences.

Assist agents with AI

Give your video agents real-time AI suggestions to save thinking, typing, and customer time.

Easy to use

Serve every customer in a single agent console - whatever channel or device they use.


Serve digital customers face-to-face and set your brand apart

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Video conferencing inside your chat widget

Deliver an on-brand video calling experience within a single chat window - including multiparty video, backgrounds, recording, transcripts, and more.

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Get AI to co-pilot your video agents

Speed up interactions by giving your agents real-time AI guidance from Navi, the AI assistant that's trained on your brand knowledge base to answer any agent question.

Proactively offer on-demand or scheduled calls

Get dynamic nudges to offer instant video calls, or invite customers to schedule virtual appointments for a better time.

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Deliver 1-1 video support from anywhere

Enable your agents to accept 1-1 video calls from wherever they work - whether their on an in-office desktop, on a laptop at home, or even an in-store mobile device.

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AI reporting

Speed up support with screensharing and multimedia chat

Ensure your agents close the sale or the support issue with multimedia chat features like video / voice notes, real-time screensharing, mid-video live chat, and more.

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Improve quality assurance and regulatory compliance

Save and analyse video calls complete with AI transcripts to improve agent training, compliance, and service quality - all with secure storage and customisable retention policies.


Launch a bespoke video chat feature in minutes - without developers or designers

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Easy to manage for customers and agents

Talkative's fully browser-based video chat works instantly on all customer devices and comes with granular configuration settings so you only offer video chat when and how you want.

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Transfer between channels without disruption

Whether an interaction begins or ends with video, Talkative’s omnichannel capabilities allow your agents to assist customers across all channels - without the need to put them on hold.

Coach agents during live video chats

Real-time monitoring and analytics means supervisors can watch and listen in to customer video conversations, helping them to provide the best experiences possible.

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Save hours of agent and supervisor time with in-app AI assistance

AI Chat Copilot

Make your video chat agents smarter and faster with an AI-powered copilot that gives them real-time suggestions, knowledge, and advice.

  • AI Chat Assistant

  • AI Suggested Responses

  • AI Rephrasing Tools

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AI Copilot

AI Supervisor Assistant

Review and summarise thousands of interactions with AI's help, cutting down hours of manual supervisor tasks.

  • AI Interaction Insights

  • AI Knowledge Gap Reports

  • AI Agent Training Tools

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AI summaries

Launch on-brand chat widgets, seamless integrations, and AI Analytics...

Move over, Einstein

Seamlessly integrate into Salesforce and deliver the same customer experience - for up to 4-10x the saving.

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Supervisor Dashboard

Monitor, analyse, and improve

Measure self-serve and chatbot KPIs, review chat transcripts, and even analyse customer / chatbot conversations in real-time

Widget builder

Create on-brand chat widgets that proactively engage

Build fully on-brand chat widgets with proactive nudges - without the need for designers or developers.

Interactive Tour

Take the Talkative Interactive Tour to see how quickly you can create a brand-trained AI chatbot.

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