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Serve double the customers with the same amount of agents

Struggling to give every customer interaction the attention it needs? Use customer-friendly generative AI to slash support demands and automate up to 50% of interactions.

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Talkative makes it easy to increase operational efficiency

Instant AI support

Easily build chatbot flows with an intuitive editor and use AI to train your bot in minutes - not months.

Keep agents in the loop

Escalate to humans when necessary, but keep AI in the loop with suggested responses and smart summaries.

Monitor and grow

Iterate and improve by identifying knowledge gaps, analysing customer feedback, and reporting on success.

Use cases

“Bugaboo automates support queries by 50% and increases pre-purchase engagement with Talkative."

Yarliys Paz - Global Ecommerce Project Manager at Bugaboo

Yarilys Paz - Global Ecommerce Project Manager at Bugaboo.

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Now any CX team can easily automate customer support

Create powerful AI chatbots to instantly solve customer queries and proactively engage pre-purchase website visitors.

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Triage your most repetitive queries with generative AI

By setting up your chatbot to support repetitive and basic queries, your customer service agents can focus more on profitable pre-purchase engagement.

Train your chatbots on brand URLs and text files

Upload product and support information into an AI Knowledge Base and use a no-code Chatbot Builder to create generative AI and intent-based conversational flows.

AI Chatbot Builder
Talkative Engagement Nudges

Steer customers to self-serve with nudges

Use customisable pop-ups to prevent unnecessary agent interactions and promote your key self-service options instead.

Increase agent efficiency in an instant

Double your agents’ output with a host of time-saving live chat tools like AI Agent Assist, Real-Time Automatic Translation, Dynamic Canned Messages, and more.

Talkative AI Agent Assist
Talkative AI Chatbot Editor

Automatically transfer to human agents

Configure how and when chatbot interactions get escalated to your human support team, and rest assured that customers will always get the help they need.

Tailor your brand’s chatbot experience

Use Talkative’s Chat Experience Builder to create an on-brand chatbot widget without the need for developers or designers.

AI Chat Widget Editor
Supervisor Dashboard

Monitor and improve interaction quality, satisfaction, and more

Measure your chatbot’s KPIs, review chatbot transcripts, and even analyse both AI and customer sentiment in real time - giving you the data necessary for continuous improvement.

Make more money with less work

Talkative gives B2C CX teams the tools they need to:

Support faster

Automate post-purchase support queries with AI.

Scale engagement

Spark more pre-purchase conversations with real-time pop-ups and nudges.

Deliver a CX that sells

Convert digital visitors into customers with chat, messaging, video, and more.

In our customer’s words...

What makes Talkative special?

"We've received great service from all members of the team we've interacted with at Talkative, from the developers to the directors."
Rob King Healthspan Photo
Rob King
IT Manager
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"Talkative were always available for any questions, which gave us the confidence we made the right choice."
Cezar Almeida - Lendinvest Photo
Cezar Almeida
Design Manager
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“Our guests are at the heart of everything we do, and we are so proud to be able to offer this personal service to our guests.”
Clare Ward Photo
Clare Ward
Director of Customer Service
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“The tool is incredibly intuitive, making it easy for our team.”
Yarilys Paz Photo
Yarilys Paz
Ecommerce Project Manager
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“Talkative has been a winner all around.”
Juliana Product Deliver Manager
Juliana Beshiri
Product Delivery Manager
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“Having worked in IT for nearly 20 years, I can honestly say that Talkative is one of the best partners.”
Josh Hamit CIO
Josh Hamit
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