Bugaboo automates 50% of chat interactions to focus on customer care


Bugaboo is a global retailer specializing in parental products such as pushchairs for infants and toddlers.

With a target market of new parents, the brand has always sought to provide a caring and empathetic digital experience for its customers.  

To help meet this goal, Bugaboo knew they needed a live chat and chatbot solution that could help them solve three key challenges:

Firstly, Bugaboo wanted to provide a personalized chat experience to the customers who needed their help the most.

They knew that some customers had more complex queries that required more time and attention.  

Secondly, they needed a way to deflect repetitive queries that took up too much agent time.  

These queries were often simple and straightforward, but they still required agents to spend time answering them, which meant less time was available for high-value tasks.

Finally, they wanted a chat solution that could deeply integrate with Salesforce.

Achieving this integration would help Bugaboo ensure that all their customers received the support they needed as quickly as possible.

Getting Talkative

To help Bugaboo provide the best online experiences, the brand leveraged Talkative’s enhanced live chat and chatbot capabilities via a deep Salesforce integration.

Unlike other live chat providers, Talkative’s Salesforce integration allows agents to live inside the Salesforce environment they know so well.  

At the same time, they can enjoy all the advanced features that Talkative’s live chat delivers.  

What’s more, one of Bugaboo’s key reasons for choosing Talkative came down to our reputation for our support and onboarding process.  

Here’s what Yarilys Paz, Ecommerce Project Manager for Customer Service, had to say on Talkative’s post-live support:

‘We were expecting great support from you during the onboarding and after we went live - and that has been 100% true… I am very satisfied with the product and especially the level of service we have received from the Talkative team.’


Since getting Talkative’s chatbot, Bugaboo has seen a near 50% chat interaction deflection rate in repetitive queries, which has freed up agents to focus on more important tasks.  

This has also helped to improve agent productivity and reduce the time it takes to resolve queries.

Another benefit of Talkative's solution is its ability to increase ecommerce conversions through live chat.

By implementing Talkative, Bugaboo expects chat to help them toward their goals of growing online revenue.

Finally, Bugaboo is now working with Talkative to roll out further features, such as co-browsing and WhatsApp messaging -  channels Talkative handles alongside chat interactions. 

This will allow Bugaboo to continue serving customers in an empathetic and helpful way, providing a seamless experience across all channels. 

Overall, Talkative's enhanced live chat and chatbot capabilities have helped Bugaboo to improve its customer experience by providing personalized, efficient, and effective service.   

Here’s what some of the Bugaboo agent team had to say:  

‘I believe Talkative is a great tool that is helping us to improve our customer service and also it is reducing our response time. Giving us the opportunity to fix and solve more cases or questions.’   

Patricia Agudelo - Customer Service Agent 

‘In the time I have used Talkative, it has felt like a very intuitive tool to use.  I love that it can create a case automatically and that provides a very accurate location of the customer.’ 

Manuel Ignacio Frontera - Customer Service Agent 


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