Achieve 88% Resolution Rates with a Gen AI Retail Chatbot 

Discover how to automate 88% of online product queries and over 50% of customer support queries with a generative AI retail chatbot.

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Struggling with a high volume of customer queries?

Are you a Customer Experience or Contact Center Manager in retail, struggling to keep up with the digital transformation? 

You're not alone. The shift to ecommerce and online service has left many retail leaders grappling with:

  • Overwhelming volumes of customer inquiries across multiple channels
  • Pressure to cut costs while improving service quality
  • The constant battle to retain customers in a hyper-competitive market 

If that situation sounds familiar, and you’re considering a chatbot for retail service or sales… 

There’s a lot of you need to think about: 

  • Navigating the integration maze: Should you replace or integrate with your current live chat software?
  • Decoding AI jargon: Conversational AI, LLMs, Chatbots – what do all these terms actually mean? 
  • Analyzing customer preferences: Will your shoppers embrace conversational AI?
  • Shifting from service to sales: Can a chatbot really drive revenue and satisfaction?
  • Balancing automation and personalization: How can you maintain that human touch?

It’s a long list…

And that’s without mentioning your C-suite and stakeholders’ expectations.

Because more often than not, they expect to see results yesterday. 

It makes finding and deploying the right chatbot a frustrating and lengthy project.

But imagine that in as little as 4-8 weeks, you’ll report back to your C-suite and say:

  • 'We've automated 9 out of 10 digital product queries.’ 
  • ‘We've cut our customer support workload in half…
  • ‘And our customer satisfaction has increased too.'

It might sound impossible right now. 

And no-one would blame you for being skeptical. 

But these are real results from real retailers with: 

  • Call centres with 50+ employees
  • Websites with 200+ products 
  • Brands with millions of customers 

All harnessing the power of AI-driven customer support via a truly intelligent retail chatbot

Interested in learning more? 

Let's dive into the specific problems you're facing right now…

And show you how you can solve them in weeks, not months. 

1. You have to handle more digitals channels with less time and headspace

There are more customer service channels to think about than ever before…

And you have to tend to them all in real-time. 

It means your customer service agents are struggling to keep up. 

There’s a multi-channel influx of customer inquiries to face, and a seemingly ever-shrinking budget for increased headcount. 

But even so, the retail sector is experiencing a digital transformation, and that’s not slowing down any time soon… 

If you want to meet your KPIs, businesses need innovative solutions like customer support automation to manage the increasing volume of customer interactions.

2. You face resource constraints and high expectations

Talking of budget and headcount constraints…

According to Contact Babel’s recent retail report

Since 2018, there’s now 30,000 fewer agents in the retail industry.

Yet you’re still expected to handle more customer interactions with less manpower.

This unsustainable pressure affects your ability to provide personalized service and meet rising customer expectations.

Your team needs a solution that can efficiently assist customers without increasing headcount. 

AI-powered customer service can bridge this gap by managing customer interactions effectively.

3. Your have to manage complex operations that create inefficiency

Managing returns, refunds, and handling customer service inquiries is a constant challenge.

Your current processes are labor-intensive and error-prone…

Leading to customer frustration and potential loss of brand loyalty.

Retail chatbots can streamline these operations. 

In turn, your team can handle more complex customer questions while your chatbot delivers fast and accurate automated service. 

4. Your customer loyalty is at risk - and your team takes the blame

In the retail industry, 40% of young shoppers will switch brands after one “poor” experience.

That’s according to Q2 2024 Retail Contact Centre Research

With minimal self-service options, you’re missing opportunities to meet rising customer expectations and improve customer satisfaction.

Retail AI chatbots can provide 24/7 support, ensuring that customer needs are met promptly and effectively through AI-driven customer engagement.

Meaning your team can keep customers happy with less work - and receive the recognition you deserve. 

5. You’re experected to tackle AI implementation hurdles on your own

According to the study mentioned above, AI chatbots in retail markets are set to see over $45 billion in investment by 2032. 

At the same time, stakeholders are a mix of curious and cautious… 

They want the results without having to risk their CX’s reputation. 

This is completely understandable. 

But you know artificial intelligence is crucial for staying competitive. 

Ecommerce chatbots are becoming more and more common amongst your competitors, and you need to keep up.

Still, implementation seems daunting…

Especially given the committee of voices you need to consider.

Many retailers struggle with choosing the right chatbot solutions and integrating them into their existing systems for AI-powered customer interactions.

So what are you supposed to do? Can a retail chatbot really help?

You’ve seen the challenges.

Even if we’re just talking about handling customer inquiries alone, you’ll face: 

  • Growing customer expectations and volumes
  • Resource constraints and conflicting stakeholder opinions 
  • And the constant pressure to do more with less

But what if there was a solution that could not only address these pain points but transform your digital CX with AI-driven customer service chatbots?

That’s where Talkative comes in. 

Talkative's AI Chatbot: Your Retail CX Saviour 

1. You can integrate and deliver omnichannel experiences with ease

No more digital channel chaos. 

With Talkative, you can seamlessly integrate retail bots across web, social media, WhatsApp, and more.

Our retail social media chatbots provide consistent, high-quality support and automated customer engagement on every platform your customers use.

Take Healthspan for example, who now handle thousands of customer interactions with AI across WhatsApp and web chat…

Without having to interrupt their team’s workflows. 

So whether you serve customers on Facebook Messenger, SMS, WhatsApp, or just your website’s live chat software

Talkative’s solution ensures a unified customer experience across all channels.

Click here to learn how Healthspan achieved an 88% AI Resolution Rate with their chatbot.

2. You can exceed expectations with AI-powered efficiency

Talkative’s customers have seen incredible results thanks to their AI chatbots. 

Take Bugaboo - a leading retailer who achieved over 50% resolution rates for complex customer service inquiries. 

In turn, they regained dozens of hours of agent manpower, freeing their team for high-value interactions.

How much more could you and your team achieve with time-savings like that? 

With Talkative’s generative AI and natural language processing (NLP) capabilities… 

Your chatbot can understand and respond to customer questions instantly and accurately. 

In turn, you can deliver AI-driven customer interactions with confidence.

3. You can save the day with cost-effective operations

Instead of constantly battling to do more with less…

Talkative’s retail chatbot helps you cut costs without compromising service quality.

So whether your organisation needs a bot that can:

  • Automate complex operations like returns and refunds
  • Answer customer queries in 135+ languages, 24/7
  • Help your human agents spend less time on low value work

You can take credit for delivering higher levels of customer service…  

Without increasing operational costs.

And thanks to features like Talkative’s no-code widget builder and AI Knowledge Base

You can streamline processes further with quick and easy set-up, implementation, and maintenance. 

4. You can improve your containment rate AND increase customer satisfaction

You no longer have to trade efficiency for a better CX. 

Now you can boost customer satisfaction scores and your AI containment rate with fast, personalized responses. 

In turn, you can create personalised shopping experiences that cater to customer preferences… 

Allowing you to turn fickle shoppers into loyal brand advocates.

5. You can future-proof your team without any IT headaches

While other retail contact centres struggle to implement a winning AI strategy, you get the hard work done for you… 

Thanks to Talkative’s no-code feature set, you don’t need developers or designers to: 

  • Create multiple chatbots and widgets that fully match your brand
  • Serve customers instantly on their favourite channels
  • Easily update and improve your chatbot knowledge 

Instead, you can manage and maintain your chatbot completely in-house. 

And if you do need assistance? 

Our Customer Success team on-hand to provide any guidance or support you might need. 

Real retail industry results: Healthspan's AI Success Story

“Achieving an 88% resolution rate has been massive for Healthspan and our contact centre. Agents now have far more time on their hands to concentrate on other tasks, and with the platform’s live chat and social messaging coming as part of the solution, any AI interaction is always safeguarded with an agent that’s ready to take over...

Overall, getting Talkative’s Generative AI Chatbot is a no-brainer. It’s changed the way we think about AI customer service. It’s mind-blowing to see the responses it gives.”

  • Rob King, IT Manager at Healthspan

Click here to learn how Healthspan automates 88% of product queries with AI.

Unlock the secrets to 88% AI resolution rates...

Want to know exactly how leading retailers are achieving up to 88% AI containment rates?

To help you discover how an AI customer service strategy could work for your retail contact centre, we’ve detailed Healthspan’s recent success story into a comprehensive guide: 

Healthspan: Resolving 88% of Product Queries with a Generative AI Chatbot

In this free case study, you’ll discover how to:

  • Automate 88% of product queries with AI
  • Increase CSAT and efficiency at the same time
  • Launch a sophisticated Gen AI chatbot in weeks
  • Integrate seamlessly into your current systems and software 

So if you want to get an inside look at how a real-life brand is increasing operational efficiency with AI? 

Click here to download your free retail chatbot case study

FAQ: Your Questions Answered

Q: How do you train or teach the chatbot? 

A: Talkative comes with an easy to use AI Knowledge Base. 

To teach your AI chatbot the information it needs, you can either: 

  • Upload relevant URLs from your company website or, 
  • Upload a selection of file-based content (e.g. documents, articles, spreadsheets, PDFs, etc.).

You can even build multiple knowledge base models and assign them to different chat queues!

Learn more about Talkative’s AI Knowledge Base

Q: What are the best use cases for a retail chatbot? 

AI chatbots can help increase operational efficiency in countless ways.

That said, there are some common use cases for an AI-powered customer support chatbot. 

For example, these chatbots can quickly provide customers with information on: 

  • Order Tracking
  • Refunds / Returns
  • Account Membership / Loyalty Points
  • Product Queries 
  • Support Enquiries and more 

Allowing a chatbot to handle these kinds of interactions allows your human team to spend more time delivering personalized service for more complex issues. 

Q: How do you safeguard retail chatbots from hallucinations? 

A: To mitigate potential Large Language Model (LLM) hallucinations, we've implemented strict controls that limit AI responses. 

That means that your retail chatbot can only relay information that’s directly related to your brand's products, policies, and services. 

This approach effectively counters attempts at prompt injections, manipulations, or “jailbreaks” - as well as innocent but incorrect answers. 

In turn, you can guarantee AI accuracy - even when faced with challenging or inappropriate questions. 

What’s more, Talkative’s no-code AI bot builder comes with a hybrid approach to automation. 

You can use both generative AI and custom intents / suggestion chips to guide the customers along the best path to resolution. 

You can even add triggers and fallback prompts to make sure your AI chatbot escalates to a human agent when it matters most. 

Q: How does your chatbot escalate complex issues to human agents? 

A: The short answer is: it’s up to you! 

The long answer: you can set your AI chatbot to escalate conversations in a number of ways. 

For instance, Talkative’s visual Bot Builder enables you to design your chatbot’s conversational flows to strictly adhere to set responses or pathways.

That way, your bot will automatically transfer or escalate to a human if the interaction goes “off-path”.

On the other hand, you can also set your AI to transfer to a human agent depending on the context of the interaction itself. 

For example, if the customer query is too complex or emotional, the AI chatbot can be trained to recognise this context and hand-off appropriately. 

However you choose to set up your chatbot, this hybrid approach ensures customers always receive the most effective level of support. 

In turn, you can be confident that your department is maintaining high satisfaction levels even in challenging situations.

Q: How does your AI complement human agents?

A: We believe that AI customer service is about enhancing, not replacing, human capabilities. 

With that in mind, we suggest using your retail chatbot to handle routine customer inquiries, freeing agents for complex issues that require the human touch.

Talkative’s live chat software also comes with a range of integrated AI Copilot solutions…

It means your agents can serve customers faster and smarter, without sacrificing personalized customer service.

Click here to learn more about AI Copilots for customer service 

Q: How does the AI chatbot integrate with your existing customer service systems? 

A: Talkative offers seamless integration into a range of CRMs, Contact Centre Software, and back-end office systems, including but not limited to: 

  • All Salesforce Clouds
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Microsoft Teams
  • Mitel Contact Centre Business / Enterprise, and more. 

Plus, with our Zapier integration you can integrate with over 4,000 apps to best suit your unique workflows. 

However you need to integrate your current software, Talkative’s AI chatbot can be implemented within a few easy steps.

For more on bespoke integrations or your specific needs, get in touch with the team and we’d be happy to help. 

Q: How does the chatbot handle high interaction volumes and peaks? 

A: With nearly 8 years experience serving global B2C organisations in retail, entertainment, sports, and more… 

The Talkative system has proven experience in handling huge interaction volumes with ease. 

So if you need to handle thousands of chat interactions during peak periods or promotional campaigns, Talkative’s chatbot can meet your needs. 

What’s more, you can stay confident with tools like queue management, in-queue broadcast messages, adjustable business hours, email capture forms, and more. 

Q: How quickly can we deploy the retail chatbot?

A: It depends on the size and scope of your business - as well as your chosen Talkative tier. 

For smaller operations, you can set Talkative up within an afternoon. 

For a larger retail contact centre with hundreds of products / SKUs, implementations usually last few weeks. 

For reference, Talkative customer Healthspan handles 150k customer interaction every month. 

With over 200+ products on their site and over a million orders of complex products, the team went live after an 8 week implementation. 

This implementation involved:

  • Gathering informational knowledge for their AI Knowledge Base
  • Creating and testing chatbot flows in Talkative’s Bot Builder
  • Launching, testing, and reviewing the chatbot’s performance

But whatever the size of your organization…

If you’d like to get a more accurate timeline for your needs, get in touch with the team today by clicking our chat widget! 

Q: What about customer data security and compliance?

A: Talkative was built to give you and your brand peace of mind. 

From unique authorization and permission levels, to Single Sign-On and Multi-Factor Authentication, Talkative provides your team with the features you need to stay secure. 

What’s more, we have strong experience in working with global brands to meet their robust and secure policies…

As such, our system is designed to protect sensitive customer data while allowing you to securely analyze customer data for your business needs. 

Click here for more information on Talkative’s Data & Security Features.

Q: How can we measure the ROI of implementing an AI chatbot? 

A: Talkative offers comprehensive analytics and reporting tools to help you get the best measure of your business performance. 

If you want to measure ROI in terms of: 

  • Money Saved, you can create custom reports to track key metrics like AI containment rates and resolution rates. 
  • Increased Satisfaction, you can measure CSAT scores, sentiment analysis, and chat transcripts on a granular or high-level overview—thanks to Talkative’s AI Interaction Insights. 
  • Increased Revenue, you can use conversational routing and tools like GA4 to understand which queries required support, and which led to a product query or sale.

Whatever metric is most important to your stakeholders… 

Talkative lets you measure and demonstrate efficiency gains, cost reductions, and CX improvements with true flexibility. 

Considering a Retail Chatbot for Your Contact Centre? 

Here’s how you can learn more about whether Talkative’s retail chatbots are right for your organisation…

  1. Schedule a call with our team at a time that works for you. It's quick, easy, and there's zero obligation.
  2. You'll speak with Steve or Felix, our generative AI specialists. Both have extensive experience serving retail / ecommerce contact teams, and they’ll show you how your AI Chatbot can: some text
    1. Integrate with your existing systems
    2. Safely and securely “learn” from your brand’s knowledge
    3. Automate instant and accurate support to your digital customers
  3. Ask as many questions as you like! We're here to give you clear, honest answers. It's a chance for us to learn about your needs and for you to see if we're a good fit. 

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