LendInvest increases month-on-month interactions by 108%


LendInvest is the UK's leading platform for mortgages. 

They provide specialist finance to property investors and developers, while also supplying homeowner mortgages, the majority of which through their broker partners. 

As an organization that’s constantly looking to improve customer support and operational efficiency, LendInvest recently embarked on a user research campaign to improve its customer experience. 

They discovered three issues that they were keen to tackle. 

First, LendInvest found that their customers were spending too much time searching for product information on their website. This led to a drop-off in engagement. 

Second, as the customer service team predominantly relied on phone and email to provide support, agents found it difficult to keep track of interactions - especially if an agent had a previous interaction with a return customer. 

Finally, LendInvest wanted to bring in new contact channels to help decrease their contact center call load. As their industry is reliant on brokers using phone calls as their main contact method, LendInvest wanted a way to increase efficiency while also differentiating themselves with a real-time chat channel. 

Getting Talkative 

To tackle these issues, LendInvest needed a chat platform that they could grow into over time - one with added capabilities such as cobrowse, social media messaging, video chat, and more. 

They also needed a solution with a high degree of Salesforce integration. This would allow their team to gather and store as much useful customer relationship data as possible - improving the way they could communicate with brokers over time. 

To achieve these goals, LendInvest leveraged Talkative’s live chat. 

With enhanced omnichannel chat capabilities and seamless integration into Salesforce Service and Sales Cloud, Talkative enabled LendInvest to begin serving more brokers via a faster and more efficient channel. 

This meant their agents could respond faster than ever before, giving brokers a new and improved customer experience that set LendInvest apart from their competitors. 


After collaborating with their Talkative Account Manager, LendInvest rolled out their Talkative live chat solution to key conversion pages across their site. 

Their initial goal was simple: slowly introduce brokers to their new contact channels so as to familiarize them over time. As such, LendInvest’s key metric for success was month-on-month adoption rates. 

Since launching Talkative on their site, LendInvest has seen a fantastic 108% month-on-month growth in interactions - with signs that their adoption rate is only continuing to increase. 

Design Manager Cezar Almeida had this to say: 

‘At LendInvest we are constantly looking for intelligent ways to improve our customer support and operational efficiency. When we started the search for a partner to support our Omnichannel platform project, Talkative seemed the best fit as it ticked all the boxes. Their team were always available for any questions, which gave us the confidence we made the right choice. 

The setting up and rolling out were done in a smooth manner and they were always available to support us. We are still in the early days of this experience but so far, I would say that it has been a great team to work with.’


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LendInvest increases month-on-month interactions by 108%

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