Conversational AI for Mitel Contact Center

Go beyond phone calls alone: seamlessly integrate intelligent channels like chat, chatbot, video, social messaging, and cobrowse into your MiCC and Web Ignite workflows.

Generative AI chatbots

Automate 60% of interactions with a powerful LLM-powered chatbot.

Talkative’s Generative AI chatbots will answer questions across web chat, SMS, and WhatsApp. 

Easily create your knowledgebase, using website URLs and documents.

Build out your AI agent in minutes with an easy-to-use workflow designer.

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Case Study: Healthspan

MiCC-B integration

  • Webchat, SMS, WhatsApp
  • 60% deflection with AI
  • “Where is my order” lookup chatbot integration

“Getting Talkative’s Generative AI Chatbot is a no-brainer. It’s mind-blowing to see the responses it gives, and achieving a 60% deflection rate has been massive... It’s changed the way we think about AI customer service.” - Rob King, IT Manager

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Engage in real-time with video, screenshare, and cobrowse AI Agent Assist

Empower your agents and reduce handle times by 20%

Use knowledge-based driven suggested responses to give your agents the info they need, instantly.

A complete suite of tools: Auto-complete, message rephrase, internal chatbot “Navi”, and AI-generated training simulations.

See customers' messages as they type. Use real-time translation to speak to customers in over 100 messages. Remain PCI compliant with automatic credit card masking.

Bring advanced digital channels into a single inbox for agents

Bring Talkative's advanced digital engagement features into Mitel.

Your agents shouldn't need to use multiple tabs to communicate with your customers.

You also shouldn't need to compromise on the quality of communication channels.

Talkative's Mitel integration allows you to have the best of both worlds - smart digital channels, but natively integrated into your existing contact centre, using your existing routing and reporting.

Whether you need chatbots, video chat, SMS, or just a better chat solution, Talkative is the answer.

Engage in real-time with video, screenshare, and cobrowse

Go beyond text with video chat, screenshare, and cobrowse.

Use alongside web chat (as an escalation), or offer customers the option to start a video call directly.

Screenshare to bring contextual help to your digital customers.

Cobrowse to securely join customers on your website, annotate the screen, and co-navigate.

Get sophisticated with your digital customer engagement

Intelligently nudge customers on your website/app with a highly customizable  engagement widget.

Make the most of your web traffic with nudges that engage customers based on business logic such as time on page, URL, queue status, and more.

Make your widget on-brand with fonts, colours, images, videos, and more.

Surface queue information such as expected wait time and position in queue.

All this through a no-code editor that you can adjust and update on the fly.

You can also track interactions through Google Analytics, letting you understand the impact of your customer service team on website goals.

Engage with easy-to-manage chatbots

Whatever your chatbot needs, Talkative can help you create both simple and advanced AI automations.

Build out decision trees with Talkative's native chatbot builder.

Leverage the power of NLP and AI with integrations into a variety of chatbots from Google, Salesforce, and others.

Catch up with the modern customer via social media and SMS/WhatsApp

Capture more customers by meeting them on their favourite channels.

Publish SMS/WhatsApp numbers for customers to contact you on.

Chat with customers over Facebook Messenger and Google Business Messages.

Send outbound SMS messages to re-engage customers 1-1 or send mass outbound messages to reach all your customers at once.

Connect with Talkative, monitor with Mitel

While your agents benefit from Talkative’s range of intelligent engagement channels, your supervisors can still track, analyze, and report with Mitel’s native analytics tools.

It means higher customer engagement and zero workflow disruption. 

You can also build out customisable CSAT surveys, allowing you to track customer satisfaction across all your digital channels.

Integrated sentiment analysis lets you get even smarter about understanding how agents, queues, and topics are driving customer satisfaction.

Mitel integration with a proven track record

With experience deploying best-in-class engagement channels for  organizations globally, Talkative are proud MSA developer partners and experts at connecting digital journeys with contact solutions.

“Talkative has enabled a more transparent, user-friendly interaction between users via Video chat, Web Chat, SMS, and now WhatsApp, where previously the only form of interaction was telephony. We have been able to prioritise the emergency requests and vulnerable residents over the telephony service. By introducing these new channels we have halved the telephony demand systematically for over a year. This has been a winner all around to propel our digital channel shift from non-existent to 41% and growing over the last year.” - Juliana Beshiri, Contact Centre Manager

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