Optimise every interaction with AI-powered analytics

Drive efficiency and growth with a suite of visual dashboards and reports that provide actionable AI optimisation suggestions and QA automation.

Genrative AI chat widget
Genrative AI chat widget
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Custom Alerts & Reports
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AI Summaries & Suggestions
Generative AI Knowledge base usrl

Automate deep CX analysis with AI

Gather CSAT insights

Use AI and custom feedback forms to measure CSAT, NPS, and sentiment scores.

Highly configurable

Track chat deflection, queue times, and KPIs via custom dashboards, reports, and alerts.

Build CX intelligence

Get AI to study thousands of interactions and suggest improvement opportunities.


Gain data-driven insights specific to your most important goals

generative AI Knowledge base url

Surface key metrics via custom dashboards and reports

Create and edit unlimited dashboards, export data into visualisation tools like PowerBI, and give supervisors a real-time and historical view of key metrics - including chat volumes, queue times, average wait / handle times, and more.

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Create proactive alerts, bulletins, and reports

Update your stakeholders by building and sharing custom reports, email / sms bulletins, and editable alerts.

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Visualise granular customer journeys

View complete cross-channel customers journeys - including pre-interaction movements, current and visited pages, AI summaries, and more.

Summarise 10,000 chat transcripts in an instant

Speed up quality assurance with AI Interaction Insights that let you study and learn from huge amounts of interaction data, presented in manageable reports.

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Speed up analysis with AI summaries and trending topics

Keep track of all your interactions by using real-time trending topics reports and AI Interaction Log Summaries that can help you understand entire conversations at a glance.

AI reporting

Integrate with your API, CRM, and more

Leverage deep integrations and feed interaction data into your most important systems - including: all Salesforce Clouds, Microsoft Teams, Zapier, Google Analytics, and contact centre software like Mitel, Genesys, NICE, and more.


Continuously gather and grow your data while keeping it secure

Enterprise-grade data security

Keep your data safe and secure with enterprise-grade data transfer / storage security, SSO logins, multi-factor authentication, access lists, and more.

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Store data in line with company policies

Securely send all files types to your database, CRM, and / or cloud storage, with global regions covered and variable data retention policies.

Fill knowledge gaps fast

Use Talkative's AI Insights to continuously enrich your AI Knowledge Base and improve the performance of your chatbots and AI-assisted agents.

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Save hours of agent and supervisor time with in-app AI assistance

AI Chatbot

Handle up to 50% of customer interactions with instant, accurate, and personalised generative AI that you can easily manage in-house.

  • AI Knowledge Base Assistant

  • AI Agent Handover

  • No-Code Bot Builder

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AI Copilot

AI Live Chat

Make your live chat agents smarter and faster with an AI-powered copilot that provides real-time suggestions, knowledge, and assistance.

  • AI Chat Assistant

  • AI Suggested Responses

  • AI Rephrasing Tools

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AI summaries

Launch on-brand chat widgets, seamless integrations, and AI Analytics...

Move over, Einstein

Seamlessly integrate into Salesforce and deliver the same customer experience - for up to 4-10x the saving.

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Supervisor Dashboard

Monitor, analyse, and improve

Measure self-serve and chatbot KPIs, review chat transcripts, and even analyse customer / chatbot conversations in real-time

Widget builder

Create on-brand chat widgets that proactively engage

Build fully on-brand chat widgets with proactive nudges - without the need for designers or developers.

Interactive Tour

Take the Talkative Interactive Tour to see how quickly you can create a brand-trained AI chatbot.

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