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Up to 500 interactions
per month


3 Users included

Additional users from $35/month

What’s included:

  • Video Chat

  • Live Chat

  • Screenshare & Cobrowse

  • Web Callbacks

  • Web Calling

Basic support


Up to 1,000 interactions
per month


10 Users included

Additional users from $59/month

Everything in Team plus:

  • Chatbot

  • Live training

  • Social media messaging

  • Mobile App Integration

  • Video Recording

Business hours support


Unlimited interactions

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Flexible licensing and contract options available

Everything in Business plus:

  • Custom integrations

  • Customer Success Manager

  • Contact Centre Integration 

  • Sentiment Analysis

  • Telephony Features 

24/7 Business support





Video chat
Live chat
Offline Email
Web calling
Web call backs
Multilingual translation
Social media messaging
(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
Social media plus (WhatsApp, SMS)
*Includes additional consumption costs.
*Includes additional consumption costs.


No-code Widget Designer
Queuing & Routing
Scheduled Interactions
Agent Workloads
Interaction Data
Signed Interaction Data
Customer Journey Insights
Browser-based Agent Console
Agent Mobile App
Chat Monitoring
Supervisor Dashboard
Historical Reporting & Analytics


Google Analytics
Microsoft Dynamics
Mobile app integration
Custom CRM Integrations
Contact Centre Platforms 


Response times
Standard business hours
Standard business hours
Training documentation
Live training
Chatbot consultancy
*Additional costs may apply
Custom integrations 
Legal assistance

Data & Security

Regional AWS Infrastructure
Variable Data Retention Policy
Delete Interactions
Block Customers
PCI Compliance
GDPR Compliance
HIPAA Compliance
Extract Data Via SFTP/API
File Transfer Controls
Interaction History
Voice Recordings
Video Recordings
IP Whitelisting


What counts as an interaction?

An interaction is an entire customer contact as measured in Talkative’s interaction logs. For example, a 15 minute video chat is one interaction, a WhatsApp conversation that includes 12 messages is one interaction.

Can I use just one of Talkative’s features?

Yes, you can! Talkative is easily configured to just offer certain contact channels. Get in touch to let us know what channels would best complement your business.

Can I trial the enterprise version?

Yes, you can. Just speak to our team and we can provide proof of concept trials. From there, you can test the Talkative solution and develop a business case.

What payment options do you offer?

You can sign up for Talkative via credit card or bank transfer.

Do you accept payment in other currencies? 

Yes. Although USD, GBP and EUR are most common, we do accept a wide variety of other currencies. Get in touch with us for more information.

What does chatbot consultancy mean?

‘Straightforward’ chatbots can easily be configured in minutes. However, consultancy can be required for more advanced workflows, especially where customer API integration work is required. Contact us for a free quote if you have any questions.

Can I upgrade packages?

Yes, you can. Simply get in touch with the team to discuss the extra options you’re interested in.

What support do you offer on the free trial?

The free trial is a chance for you to test the product and our support. We'll do our best to help you out during a free trial, however we do not contractually support you until you sign up for a paid plan. Typically we'd advise free trials for internal testing, and a paid plan if you are going live with real customers/users.

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