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Press Release: Talkative partners with Formula 1®

Talkative News

Talkative have announced a long-term partnership with Formula 1® using customer contact technology to manage live chat interactions with over 500 million fans, improving support and user experience through Formula1.com and F1TV.

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Customer Service

7 Great Customer Engagement Examples That Boosted Brand Loyalty

Wondering how to increase your customer engagement? Discover our favourite customer engagement examples and how they can help boost your customer retention.

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Sales & Leads

How to get More Inbound Calls from your Website

Are you getting enough inbound sales calls? Discover our top 7 super effective strategies to increase the inbound calls from your website.

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Customer using live video chat
Video chat

How to Offer Video Chat for Customer Service Success

Providing video chat for customer service is easier than you might think. Discover how you can offer the best video customer service with our hands-on guide.

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Screen with eye, password and credit card
Customer Service

How to be PCI Compliant - A Complete Guide

Do you know how to be PCI compliant in 2021? Remember, if you process card payments, PCI compliance applies to you. Discover how to protect yourself today.

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List of 12 contact channel metrics
Customer Service

Top 12 Contact Centre Performance Metrics to Track in 2021

What are the key contact centre performance metrics you should be tracking this year? From resolution to response times, discover the 12 most useful metrics according to our experts.

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Christmas tree with snowflakes
Customer Service

How-to Provide Excellent Holiday Customer Service this Christmas

Ready to deal with increased customer service queries this Christmas? Discover our 5 simple tips that will help you deliver excellent holiday customer service in 2020.

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