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Press Release: Talkative partners with Formula 1®

Talkative News

Talkative have announced a long-term partnership with Formula 1® using customer contact technology to manage live chat interactions with over 500 million fans.

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live video streaming ecommerce sale of a shoe on a smartphone
Video chat

Live Streaming Marketing: The Pros and Cons for e-Commerce

Live video streaming and marketing sound like a match made in heaven - but is streaming really right for your business? Check out our latest guide to find out!

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conversational commerce interaction on smartphone

What is Conversational Commerce?

Want the lowdown on conversational commerce? Discover how creating more human conversations with your customers can boost sales, satisfaction, and engagement.

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scheduled video chat
Talkative News

Talkative Launches Scheduled Video Chat

Offer maximum customer convenience: Enable scheduled and on-demand video chat from your website.

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video conferencing software on desktop screen
Video chat

Types of Video Conferencing: Which is Right for Your Business?

Which type of video conferencing solution should your business use? Discover the key factors to consider with both internal and external video communications!

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Virtual shopping assistant selling product to customer online
Customer Experience

Virtual Shopping: Humanising the Digital Retail Experience

Wondering whether virtual shopping is right for your brand? Discover the future of e-commerce with our guide on bringing the in-store experience online.

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Customer service rep hanging up on rude customer
Customer Service

How to Deal with Rude Customers: Tips for Customer Service

Has a rude customer ever pushed you or your support team to the limit? Learn how to take the higher ground with our guide on perfecting your customer service!

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