Healthspan case study

Healthspan Talkative Case Study

Who are Healthspan? 

Heathspan is the leading direct supplier of vitamins and supplements in the UK. With a strong duty of care to their customer base, Healthspan partners with specialist wellness and nutrition experts to provide customers with expert information, to help them make the best decisions about their health.

Based in Guernsey, Healthspan has a thriving website and a large online customer base in the UK and abroad.

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What were Healthspan looking for?

Healthspan already had an established online business and loyal customers, but were looking for a better way to engage with them as they travelled through the website. Healthspan already had a chat system in place on their website, but customers were forced to fill out a lengthy form before being put through to an agent, which led to dwindling chat numbers and a clunky experience for the customer.

Customers often have questions around their vitamins, supplements and other products and need agents who can give them expert advice in a way which doesn't disrupt their online journey.

Healthspan screenshot
Example of the chat widget on a Healthspan product page

Healthspan were also in the process of launching a new website and are also expanding into new foreign markets, so needed a solution which could grow with them, fit seamlessly into their new web design and allow agents to converse with customers in multiple languages. As well as this, Healthspan are PCI Level 2, meaning they handle over a million card payments per year, so they had to ensure any solution they implemented was compliant to this industry standard.

How did the Talkative solution solve these problems for Healthspan? 

The developers at Talkative worked closely with Healthspan to create a chat widget which would match the look and feel of their new website. As standard, the Talkative chat bubble follows the customer as they move from page to page within the website, ensuring that the customer's journey is never affected and the chat interaction is seamless. By removing the need for a form, customers are now able to click the chat widget and be connected with an agent instantly.

The Talkative solution also integrates seamlessly with Healthspan's existing Mitel setup, routing all chats into Web Ignite. This allows agents to manage multiple chats concurrently and allows contact centre supervisors to manage workflows easily, helping to boost overall efficiency within the team.

At the same time, with real-time translation into over 100 languages, agents are able to instantly translate messages from customers. Before, agents had to manually translate customer responses which often left customers waiting longer for answers. Now, agents can converse instantly with customers, regardless of language or location, which has led to an increase in customer satisfaction.

Live chat on Healthspan website
Customer view of instant translation

Healthspan also use Talkative's sensitive field masking feature to automatically mask any sensitive data which is typed by the customer in the chat, such as credit card numbers, giving Healthspan confidence in their customer's security and meeting compliance standards.

What results have Healthspan seen since launching Talkative? 

Since launching Talkative on their website, Healthspan have seen dramatic results, including: 

  • a 500% increase in chat interactions: Healthspan increased their average daily chat numbers from 60 to 350 from the first day of go-live, and have sustained this increased ever since
  • Direct uplift in online sales: not only have sales increased in the UK, but also overseas
  • Increase in customer satisfaction

What did Healthspan say about their journey with Talkative? 

"It has been fantastic to work with Talkative. We've built a really strong relationship. It was great that you took the time out to visit us and understand our business, with no pressure selling which was nice! We've received great service from all members of the team we've interacted with at Talkative, from the developers to the directors. We are looking forward to what lies ahead and would happily recommend and endorse Talkative for the services they offer." - Rob King, IT and Facilities Manager at Healthspan

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