Integrate Salesforce Einstein Chatbots with Talkative

Deliver a more sophisticated chatbot experience from Talkative by taking advantage of your Salesforce customer data.

Deploy smarter Salesforce chatbots from Talkative

For Salesforce customers managing an Einstein chatbot, this integration allows you to automate conversation flows straight into Talkative. 

Once configured, your Einstein chatbot can hook in Salesforce data and provide more sophisticated responses during chatbot interactions - all in an instant.

In turn, you can make the most of Salesforce’s automation to create less workload for your agents and a higher resolution rate for your chatbots.

At the same time, this powerful Dialogflow alternative is an integration that enables you to benefit from Talkative’s enhanced live chat feature set.

It means that you can give your agents a new set of tools that'll enable them to assist customers more efficiently than ever before.  

So, while your Einstein bot takes cares of the repetitive, low-value queries, your agents can engage, sell, and serve the customers that need help most.

Getting started

Are you a Salesforce organization working with the Einstein framework? 

For current customers looking to better connect your data records with Talkative and improve your digital engagement experience, get in touch with your Talkative Account Manager today. 

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