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If you need a platform that was built for brands with a more complex buying journey, your best choice is Talkative.

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3 reasons to choose Talkative over LiveChat

1. Talkative was built for brands with a more complex sales process

Talkative was founded to connect customer contact teams and their brand’s digital touchpoints. However, unlike LiveChat and other solutions, Talkative doesn’t just provide customer engagement or improved CX.

These days, not every brand can deliver its best service via chatbots or quick live chat conversations. While lower ticket items may necessitate shorter interactions, what about the products and services that require a longer sales process? What about the brands that want to give their customers the journey, conversation, and consultations they really need?

That’s where Talkative comes in. From travel to automotive to high-ticket retail, Talkative was built for you - brands that want to offer more dedicated, human customer service.

2. Talkative is omnichannel first

Talkative enables brands to engage and convert their most high-value customers. This is achieved through a range of intelligent contact channels - not just live chat. 

Unlike other providers, Talkative doesn’t rely on third parties to provide additional channels like video and voice. From enhanced live chat to messaging and video, Talkative includes a full range of channels as standard. It means you can meet your customers online in the medium that serves them best.

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3. Talkative can fit seamlessly into your workflows

Whether your team lives in CRM systems like Salesforce, UC environments like Microsoft Teams, or contact center software like Mitel Ignite, Talkative is designed to seamlessly integrate with your chosen software.

It means that your team can increase efficiency and make the best use of customer data by answering all interactions in a single pane of glass. No disruptions to your workflow - just improved customer engagement. 

See our integrations library here.

Need more specifics?

Sometimes you need to see a platform in action to fully understand how it’ll work for you and your team. 

So, to help you make the best decision, get in touch now. Book your demo, and we’ll show you what your brand can really achieve when you get Talkative.

You’re better off getting Talkative

Talkative’s Consultative Service channels empower your team to achieve astounding results, including:


positive approval rating from video chat customers.


increase in customer live chat interactions.


increase in average order value for video chat shoppers.

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Forget customer service software

Talkative’s Consultative Service Platform was built for every brand that wants to honor their high-value customers with a truly human digital experience.

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Pick and choose the channels that work for you

Live chat bubble icon

Live Chat

Instantly engage customers with the most flexible platform available.

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Video Chat

See your customers smile with real time video interactions.

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Guide your customers on-screen as if you were side-by-side.

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Initially guide your customers and assist with common queries.

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Web Callbacks

Drive more inbound calls from your website.

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SMS/MMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, Google Business, and more.

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Deep integration without the delays

Need an integration? Talkative can tie together your website, app, and back-office systems with ease.

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If you want to offer your customers a more personable and profitable online journey, book your Talkative demo now.

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