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Talkative enhances your Mitel contact centre environment with a fully integrated system with smarter capabilities and more contact channels than Mitel’s in-built chat software.
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Superior customer service

Whether you use MiContact Centre Enterprise or MiCC Business, go beyond basic live chat with an omnichannel customer contact solution.

With Talkative, live chat can be connected to additional real-time channels. It means all interactions can be escalated from one to another, enabling you to meet all your customers’ needs.

It’s why so many Mitel customers have reinvented their customer experiences with Talkative.

Need more specifics?

To help you make the best decision, the rest of this article will give you the lowdown on Talkative’s best use cases, as well as the specific feature comparisons you need to consider.

In essence, they’re the reasons our customers choose Talkative over anyone else.

Still, if you want a personalized guide into how Talkative can reinvent your contact center?
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What sets Talkative apart?

Read more about full Mitel integration to learn more about how you can use Talkative's following features: 

Video chat

Pivot from web chat to video chat to provide humanised customer support. Two way video on your website or mobile app offers virtual face to face communication with customers.

Cobrowse & screenshare

Guide, assist, and collaborate with customers during chat interactions with cobrowsing. Agents can securely view and annotate the customer’s screen to help with different tasks, such as filling out forms and completing purchases.

Social media integrations

Be where your customers are by integrating live chat with WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, and SMS. Inbound messages from these popular channels are automatically routed into the agent’s live chat workflow in Mitel.

Voice calls

Talk to your website visitors in real-time with web voice calling. Delivered to any DDI/PSTN number, integrated to a PBX for delivery to a queue or agent, or provided as browser audio, it makes inbound calls easy to manage.

Web callbacks

Offer customers a web callback option to reduce queues and manage out of hour requests. Integrate with Mitel IVR call-back or manage all callbacks directly within the Talkative system.


Increase self-service and provide immediate response times with an intelligent conversational chatbot. Seamless hand over to a live agent on web chat/video chat when needed ensures high customer satisfaction.

Built for your company

Highly configurable UX means your chat widget can be easily adapted to suit your brand. Our easy to use widget builder lets you edit the design and behaviour of your widget without any coding.  

Easily change the style, colour, and font of your widget. Nudges can also be designed to match brand guidelines and customised to engage customers based on specific rules. 

Enhanced live chat features

We offer more advanced chat capabilities than Mitel. Talkative provides a better chat experience that can still be handled within Mitel Ignite. 

  • Real-time translation: Speak to customers around the world with automatic translation into over 100 languages. 
  • Customer journey and interaction data: Further understand the customer’s intent and problem by viewing their journey through your website. See web pages visited, as well as session data like ‘basket contents’ and ‘name’ (if logged in). 
  • Nudges and triggers: Intelligently target and engage customers with a wide range of chat nudges, including ‘time on page, ‘page scroll’, ‘repeat visitor’, and ‘item in basket’.
  • Feedback: Gain customer feedback on interactions with thumbs up/thumbs down ratings and customer comments. Integrate with tools like SurveyMonkey for more detailed feedback. 
  • Message preview: Speed up response times by giving agents a sneak peak of customer messages as they’re typing.
  • PCI compliance: Stay 100% PCI compliant with credit card detection and masking. When the system detects card details, message preview is disabled and all details are masked from the agent’s view. 
  • Supervisor real-time chat view: Supervisors can view all real-time chat sessions to monitor agents and ensure the best service is provided with every live chat exchange. 
  • Queue management: Control agent workflow with queue caps and in-queue messaging. Hide the chat widget and capture customer data via email during out of hours and busy periods to manage demand.
  • Queue broadcast messages: Keep customers informed with broadcast messaging. Supervisors can send messages to chat queues, updating all customers with just one message. 
  • Data capture and verification: Easily collect and store customer data with predefined questions and post/pre-chat forms. 
  • Page push: Guide customers to the correct web pages with ‘page push’. Send a page to a customer through live chat and they’ll be redirected within the same tab. 
  • Sentiment analysis: Ensure every message is positive with sentiment scores awarded for messages and overall interactions.

We’re always open to developing unique and innovative features. If you’re looking for a capability we haven’t mentioned here, don’t hesitate to get in touch and discuss your requirements with our team. 

Fast deployment and MiCC integration

Talkative is quick and easy to set up and integrate with existing systems. Native integration with MiCC ensures a seamless user experience from a unified dashboard. It lets you manage all customer interactions from your website, telephony, and email in one place. 

  • Google Tag Manager: All Talkative scripts can be managed with GTM, which means it’s easy to test and debug on your website before deployment. It also means no advanced coding or website development is needed to deploy the Talkative system.
  • Agile development: Our expert onboarding team works with you to customise your live chat widget, assist with all MiCC and system integrations, and ensure a smooth rollout. 
  • Analytics integration: Integrate the system with your current analytics provider, such as Google Analytics, to get a holistic view of every customer’s journey through your website. 
  • Mobile app integration: Talkative can be integrated with your native mobile app so you can provide live chat, video, and voice calls to all mobile visitors. 
  • Google Dialogflow integration: Dialogflow chatbots can be merged with active web chat queues to ensure seamless customer hand over to live agents when needed.
  • API and data access: Secure API access is provided to safely view interaction data and chat transcripts. Talkative also works with Azure Service Bus allowing our system to be integrated with any existing cloud solutions. This lets you share and connect all data and transcripts gathered through Talkative with other applications and devices.
  • Data at rest: Talkative encrypts data at rest as well as in transit for maximum data protection and security.
  • Single sign on: Eliminate the need for additional accounts and password management by letting agents be authenticated with their existing sign in details.

As well as integration with Mitel, Talkative can be deployed as a standalone system, integrated with Salesforce, and integrated with Microsoft Teams.

Data driven insights 

Gain deeper insights into customer behaviour and agent performance with analytics and feedback dashboards in Talkative Engage. 

  • Customer feedback dashboard: See company and individual agent feedback to judge customer satisfaction with chat interactions.
  • Analytics dashboard: View data and graphs on queues, average handling times, response times, and more. Filter and export the data as required to gain a better view of workflows and agent performance.
  • Interaction logs: Filter, search, and view chat transcripts to gain a better understanding of common customer pain points and FAQs. 
  • Sentiment analysis dashboard: See message sentiment scores in your analytics to evaluate the tone and positivity of interactions.

Compare: Talkative chat vs Mitel chat

Mitel chat
Message preview
Data capture (pre/post chat forms)
GDPR/PCI/HIPAA compliant
Real-time translation
Page push
Custom triggers/nudges
Customer feedback surveys
Queue management & routing
Real-time customer journey mapping
Supervisor chat view
Widget customisation
Video chat
Voice calls & web callbacks
Screenshare & cobrowse
Social media messaging integration
via 3rd parties
Mobile app integration
Analytics integration

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