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Want to update your live chat offering without leaving your Mitel environment? Learn why you’re better off with a Talkative integration.

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4 reasons to choose Talkative over Mitel Chat

1. Talkative is Mitel approved

Mitel may serve your basic chat needs, but there are good reasons why Talkative has become a well-respected MSA developer partner. 

Firstly, Talkative fits seamlessly into your Mitel environment. It means your advisors can leverage Talkative’s capabilities within the same screen as Mitel interactions. This leads to more personable and profitable customer connections - without any disruption to your team. 

What’s more, Talkative has many years of experience deploying bespoke frameworks for dozens of Mitel customers. So much so, that we’ve become experts at connecting digital journeys with Mitel contact solutions. It’s a specialty and a relationship we’re hugely proud of, so we’re always excited to help Mitel users meet their goals. 

For examples of Mitel customers using Talkative, see our customer stories

2. Talkative gives you omnichannel capabilities

Alongside live chat, Talkative comes with several connected channels as standard. So, unlike Mitel Chat, Talkative empowers you to escalate between chat, voice, video, cobrowse, and more with ease. 

Our range of integrations doesn’t stop with Mitel either. With integrations into Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS, and more, getting Talkative means your brand can engage and convert customers wherever they might be - whether that’s your website, app, or social media. 

3. Talkative attracts more customers

Basic chat bubbles only stand out for the wrong reasons. Their colours and styling might not quite match your brand’s look and logo. They might look static and unengaging. At worst, your customers might not even notice they are there. That’s why Talkative enables you to attract, engage, and convert your high-value customers. 

While Mitel Chat does give you the ability to update your chat bubble, Talkative goes several steps further. A powerful no-code widget editor gives you the ability to create bespoke and on-brand chat bubbles, designed down to the granular level. What’s more, Talkative’s intelligent nudges, triggers, and automation allow you to attract and engage with your customers at the most important points of the digital journey. 

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4. Talkative is better suited for high-value interactions

To increase revenue via your customer contact team, you need to provide the tools that enable high-value interactions. Talkative achieves this by giving both your customer advisors and their supervisors the feature set they need to connect, convert, analyze, and grow. 

For agents, these features include video chat, enhanced live chat with AI agent assist, real-time translation, message preview, cobrowse, and more. For supervisors, there’s our drag-and-drop dashboard editor, intelligent alerts, sentiment analysis, and a whole range of tools that’ll help you learn more about your customers and contact center staff. In turn, you’re all the better equipped to focus on the interactions that matter most. 

Learn how we do it: Why choose Talkative?

Need more specifics?

Sometimes you need to see a platform in action to fully understand how it’ll work for you and your team. 

So, to help you make the best decision, get in touch now. Book your demo, and we’ll show you what your brand can really achieve when you get Talkative.

You’re better off getting Talkative

Talkative’s Consultative Service channels empower your team to achieve astounding results, including:


positive approval rating from video chat customers.


increase in customer live chat interactions.


increase in average order value for video chat shoppers.

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Forget customer service software

Talkative’s Consultative Service Platform was built for every brand that wants to honor their high-value customers with a truly human digital experience.

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Pick and choose the channels that work for you

Live chat bubble icon

Live Chat

Instantly engage customers with the most flexible platform available.

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Video Chat

See your customers smile with real time video interactions.

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Guide your customers on-screen as if you were side-by-side.

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Initially guide your customers and assist with common queries.

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Web Callbacks

Drive more inbound calls from your website.

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SMS/MMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, Google Business, and more.

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Deep integration without the delays

Need an integration? Talkative can tie together your website, app, and back-office systems with ease.

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