Exploring Reve Chat Alternatives? Read This.

For a straightforward service platform, Reve Chat is a great choice. But for a more flexible solution, you’ll do better getting Talkative. 
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What sets Talkative apart?

Before we get started, a disclaimer: As far as comparison articles go, this one is a little different.

In fact, we'd like to start by complimenting Reve Chat on creating a customer contact solution that looks both attractive and user-friendly.

Nevertheless, while both platforms offer ways to enhance your customer contact, only Talkative provides a truly flexible, contact-center-focussed solution.

Need more specifics?

To help you make the best decision, the rest of this article will give you the lowdown on Talkative’s best use cases, as well as the specific feature comparisons you need to consider.

In essence, they’re the reasons our customers choose Talkative over anyone else.

Still, if you want a personalized guide into how Talkative can reinvent your contact center?
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Exploring Reve Chat Alternatives? Read This.

Before we get started, a disclaimer:

As far as comparison articles go, this one is a little different.

In fact, we'd like to start by complimenting Reve Chat on creating a customer contact solution that looks both attractive and user-friendly.

(We're not going to badmouth them just because they're a competitor.)

Nevertheless, you're most likely here because you wanted to get an idea of what the market has to offer in terms of Reve Chat alternatives.

It makes sense: choosing the right customer service solution for your organization is tough. 

There's a lot of criteria you need to meet in order to make a purchase.

And there's a lot of research involved too.

But with all that said, we bet there’s one thing you’ve noticed when comparing platforms. 

Whether it’s Reve Chat, Live Chat, SnapEngage, or even Zoom

A lot of omnichannel live chat software has incredibly similar features, don't they?

So much so that, on the surface level, it might be hard to tell them apart.  

We’ve covered much the same point when reviewing Acquire in the past. 

From live chat to co-browse to video chat, there’s often a huge amount of feature-overlap between customer contact solutions.  

Or that’s the way it seems, at least...

Because while most customer support platforms have a similar roster of channels on offer?

Not all of them share the same DNA. 

Not all of them are built with the same philosophy either. 

So, with this ‘alternatives’ article, we want to dive a little deeper.  

We want to explore the real difference between Reve Chat and its most popular competitor: Talkative.

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Talkative's philosophy

Both Talkative and Reve Chat were built with customer communication in mind.

But that's not to say there aren't some major differences between the two platforms. 

Firstly, Talkative only serves the customers that we truly built our platform for: organizations with contact centers. 

That kind of specificity might be a setback for some - say SMBs, for instance. 

In which case, Reve Chat might be a better choice for you. 

After all, they market themselves as serving a far wider audience.

Either way, Reve Chat also states their digital customer engagement solution is designed to 'delight customers' and 'boost sales'. 

In some senses, Talkative strives to do the same thing. 

However, there's an important caveat: 

With Talkative, we want to make your customers forget they're having a digital interaction at all.

For us, it's about creating the most seamless and human customer experience possible.

What's more, we want you to use Talkative's suite of contact channels in the way that best suits both you and your customers. 

It's why we prioritize the human touch with video chat and live chat, while enabling you to support your team with contact triage tools like chatbots

Again, we’re not saying that Reve Chat doesn't have the same tools on offer. 

It’s just that our organizations seem to see them in different ways. 

For instance, we don’t market our chatbots as heavily as Reve Chat. 

Instead, at Talkative, we value truly human relationships with human customers. Just like you do. 

So, we’ve made it our mission to help you create more of those relationships. 

Here’s how. 

Talkative is a technical - and flexible - powerhouse

Sure, you're going to expect a little bit of boasting in an article that's pitching alternatives to Reve Chat. 

But even so, we're confident in saying that Talkative is the superior choice in terms of sheer power and flexibility. 

We’re also confident in saying that Talkative is a much better fit for contact centers.

Reve Chat, on the other hand, seems best suited to SMBs.

Now, admittedly, a quick look at Talkative and Reve Chat’s websites might first have you thinking that we share parity in terms of contact channels. 

And sure, Reve Chat has created a great looking application. 

But it seems a little less capable when you take a deeper look at Talkative’s long list of additional features. 

Features designed to wow both your customers and your team. 

Features that help you create more human relationships. 

Here's the kind of thing we mean.

Live chat software built for all

These days, nearly everyone has a good understanding of the basic features included within standard live chat software. 

But at Talkative, we like to go that extra step. 

We like to add features that boost the customer experience and your organization's reputation. 

For instance, what if you get customers contacting your support agents via a non-native language?

No problem.

You and your sales and support team can speak to customers from all over the world and in whatever language suits them - thanks to Talkative's live chat auto translation.

At the time of writing, you can't do the same with Reve Chat.  

You can't take advantage of tools like sentiment analysis within Reve Chat’s live chat platform either. 

Sure, Reve Chat might have added it within their chatbot package. 

But by precluding it from your live chat interactions, you're missing out on a smarter way to understand and connect with your customers. 

In essence, sentiment analysis is just one of the tools Talkative uses to give you a holistic view of your live chat user engagement. 

It can also give you a quick insight into your overall levels of customer satisfaction - making it easy to better nurture all of your customers across all of your contact channels. 

Which brings us to another point. 

Context - and the customer journey - is king 

It's a challenge for any customer support agent: 

How are you supposed to engage and connect with customers in a way that feels personalized yet non-intrusive and natural? 

How are your customer service teams supposed to offer instant support when they've only just discovered your customers' problems? 

The answer lies in mapping the customer journey

And Talkative helps you do it with ease.

To get a better understanding of your website visitors - both current and historic - Talkative's customer communication software provides your support teams with all the context they need. 

You can even use this information across a range of customer communication methods - from live chat to video chat to social media messaging

So, whatever messaging channels your customers prefer, you can take a keen view of your customer behavior. 

In turn, you’ll get real-time insights into: 

  • What page your customers are currently located on. 
  • Where your customers have come from during their session. 
  • What products/services your customers are most interested in - e.g. basket contents. 
  • What products/services they viewed during previous sessions and visits to your website - as well as all previous interactions. 

With all the above in mind, just imagine the speed and responsiveness your support agents could offer your website visitors. 

You and your team could engage customers with insightful, instant support. 

You could send personalized messages and advice within seconds.

And in turn, you could create more opportunities for more relationships, more online sales, and more conversions. 

Not only is it a business win, but it's a win for customer satisfaction too. 

Of course, with all that said, we're not saying that Reve Chat doesn't offer its own kind of historic reporting and analysis on customer history.

Far from it.

In fact, Reve Chat still gives you a good context of your customer communication. 

But we like to think that the differences in specificity that Talkative offers underlines our philosophy once again. 

Which brings us to another important topic. 

Branding matters

You know as well as we do that your website branding needs to be on point. 

Your customers aren't going to stay on-site long if your pages look messy or confusing. 

It’s the same with your customer contact options. 

Which is why we like to make sure you can fully customize your contact experience around your organization’s brand. 

For a quick example, take a look at one of our most recent product updates. 

We’ve recently overhauled our video chat to offer virtual backgrounds for your customer-facing support teams. 

(A feature Reve Chat once again lacks.)

But this most recent addition to our video channel? It wasn't an afterthought. 

In fact, it's an update we've made in a long line of product updates, all prioritizing your ability to offer the most seamless and on-brand interactions possible. 

Take our chat widget builder as another example. 

Of course, nearly all online live chat software is going to have some form of flexibility in creating your all important chat widget. 

Case in point, Reve Chat does provide you with a stylish widget building interface. 

However, unlike Talkative, the Reve Chat interface mainly relies on preset themes. 

Image source: Pipedrive

It means that with Reve Chat, you might be able to create an effective widget for your site. But some customizable elements might prove a little bit lacking. 

In contrast?

Talkative has the most customisable widget on the market.


It's also the lightest on the market too, with our widget scripts measuring up at under 100KB - significantly less than other leading chat providers.

But that little boast aside, here's a taste of what you can achieve with Talkative's widget builder:

  • A no-code experience - designed with maximum user ease in mind.
  • A design built for mobile apps first - meaning improved customer experience too. 
  • A pre-interaction phase with endless customizability options - including text, buttons, images, videos, and more. 
  • Eye-catching and engaging nudges - allowing you to further customize your website and catch visitor attention.
  • Automated customer messages - including average waiting times, open and close times, and much more. 

You can even get as specific as the spacing and kerning between letters in your chat widget's header. Seriously.

And that's not all that's on offer either. 

But to keep things short, Talkative allows you to present a chat experience that's fully on-brand and flexible around your needs. 

It's another example of why we've got so many leading names choosing Talkative. 

Which brings us to our final point.

Talkative is built with transparency and co-operation in mind

Whether you're improving customer support or better equipping your sales teams, organizations like yours seek out a customer interactions platform for a reason:

Their customer contact center - and strategy - needs updating. 

And if you're reading this article, chances are that yours does too. 

Perhaps you're seeking to capture leads and increase conversions with video chat. 

Perhaps you're looking to offer more digital channels without the hassle of a multitude of platforms. 

Perhaps you want to help more customers faster with a superior live chat experience.

Whatever problems you need to solve, Talkative customers all have a similar story to tell: 

  • We've consistently helped them increase sales, as well as the size of their customer base. For instance, how does a 70% increase in interactions and a 30% increase in order value sound? 
  • We've helped them spur higher customer satisfaction and more efficient contact management too. We’re talking 94% satisfaction rates. Really. 
  • We’ve even helped lower chat abandonment rates too, all the way down to 6% - a figure some customers thought was previously unattainable. 

For more stories like these, just take a look at some of Talkative’s customer testimonials

Visit the Talkative G2 page too. 

The reviews on site prove that Talkative offers the features you need to create better customer relationships. 

But what's more, they prove that we treat our clients with the same level of flexibility and personalized support that you offer your website visitors in turn. 

Talkative vs Reve Chat: An in-depth comparison

Still, with all the above covered, we get it. 

You might be looking for some key features in your live chat software that can make or break your decision. 

After all, each and every organization is going to have different tactics when it comes to customer engagement. 

And sure, we might say that we've got a great ethos and the most powerful live chat software on offer. 

But if we can't help you serve your customers in the way that you want, what good is all that preamble? 

So, with that in mind, let's see how Talkative stacks up against Reve Chat feature by feature. 

Reve Chat
Customizable chat widget
Some limitations
Live chat
Enhanced live chat features (automatic translation, sentiment analysis, etc.)
Video chat
Enhanced video chat features (virtual backgrounds etc.)
Cobrowse & screenshare
Web Calling
Web Callbacks
SMS & WhatsApp
Social Media Messaging

The best omnichannel live chat software for you

So there you have it: our spin on the traditional 'best alternatives' article. 

We hope this has given you a good idea of what Talkative can do for you and your contact center. 

Either way, the truth is, we're glad you're sizing either of us up - both Reve Chat and Talkative. 


Because while we’re competitors, both Talkative and Reve Chat have powerful tools on offer to boost your customer support. 

And getting this far in an article covering the both of us proves you’re serious about getting more communicative with your customers. 

Which we always love to see. 

Still, with all that said, let's face it. 

Sometimes your decision is going to come down to a real conversation with the team. 

Sometimes, you just need to see how powerful a platform really is.

So, if you want to add live chat, video chat, cobrowse, and more to your site - if you want to secure more sales and engage more customers and clients?

Book your Talkative demo today. Start a conversation, and learn how you can boost sales and spark customer delight. 

Not quite convinced?

Let’s face it, there’s nothing like a live demo for answering all of your queries.

But if you wanted to get started by taking a look around Talkative for yourself, you’re absolutely welcome.

Our 14 day free trial is waiting for you - no credit card required. It features all the key contact channels you need to delight your customers.

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