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Talkative is a popular alternative to SnapEngage that will transform your customer's online journey. Drive sales and deliver excellent customer service with our sophisticated live chat.
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Why choose Talkative over SnapEngage?

What really makes Talkative stand out from SnapEngage? 

Easy. More contact channels, seamless system integration, and expert deployment assistance as part of the price! 

It’s why our customers choose Talkative over SnapEngage.

Need more specifics?

To help you make the best decision, the rest of this article will give you the lowdown on Talkative’s best use cases, as well as the specific feature comparisons you need to consider.

In essence, they’re the reasons our customers choose Talkative over anyone else.

Still, if you want a personalized guide into how Talkative can reinvent your contact center?
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SnapEngage vs Talkative: a better alternative

Compare our live chat features side-by-side to see what makes Talkative the perfect SnapEngage alternative.

Two plans depending on company size: all features included in each
Three plans: features vary depending on plan; some advanced features always an extra charge
Free trial
14 day free trial
14 day free trial
Real-time translation for multilingual support
Yes, 100+ languages
In most expensive plans
Whatsapp integration
PCI compliant chat
In most expensive plans
HIPAA compliant chat
Extra charge
Canned messages
Queuing and agent routing
Pre/post chat forms & surveys
Click to call option
In most expensive plans
Video chat
Cobrowsing/screen sharing
Set up and CRM integration guidance
Extra charge

The advantages of getting Talkative

Here are just some of the reasons Talkative is the go-to customer communication platform for contact centers:

Go truly omnichannel

Contact centre solutions

Talkative isn’t just a live chat tool, it’s a complete contact centre solution that helps you optimise online customer engagement to the fullest degree. 

Live chat is a great communication tool, but it is not always the best contact channel. Why not give your customers the option to jump between channels for the optimum customer experience?

With Talkative, you can seamlessly switch from web chat to live video chat, voice call or cobrowsing to best serve each customer. Each channel has its own benefits:

  • Live chat - great for fast responses to common queries
  • Virtual agent/chatbot - perfect for dealing with FAQs and fielding customers to the right agent
  • Web voice call - ideal for offering fast, free and direct contact with a customer support agent 
  • Video chat - the best way to bring the in-store experience online and offer visual customer support
  • Cobrowsing - an excellent way to provide further assistance by showing customers how to complete tasks

Get all these channels as part of the Talkative package, or pick and choose the channels that best suit your organisation. 

Integrate with existing systems

Make life easier for your agents by integrating Talkative into your existing CRM and contact centre systems. This means all interactions are managed from one dashboard; rather than switching between multiple tabs, agents can handle live chats, calls, video chats etc, from one ‘pane of glass’.

Talkative integrates with your CRM to empower agents with data. You can track where interactions come from and connect them with customer information in your CRM. This gives agents vital interaction context to solve issues faster, and helps you gather more and more data on your customer journey. 

Talkative integration

Customisation and deployment assistance 

We want you to get the best out of Talkative, which is why everything from the look of the live chat widget to what pages it features on is customisable! You choose the colour, branding,  parameters to trigger a pop-up, pre-chat forms, greeting message...even the styling of your agent’s dashboard is up to you.

Our experts will work with you to find the best way to embed talkative into your website and help you integrate it with your existing systems. Any issues or adjustments, we’ll sort out. Assistance and support isn’t limited to the initial set up stages, we’re here for you at any time. 

Key Talkative features

Talkative's core features include:

Advanced live chat features

Advanced queuing, feedback collection, real-time translation, GDPR, PCI & HIPAA compliance.

Virtual Agent deployment

Integrate AI chatbot capabilities to improve contact centre efficiency.

Real-time customer tracking

Track interactions to aid agents and map customer journeys.

Video chat

Escalate to video chat to offer visual customer support.

Click to call

Pure WebRTC web calls and callbacks with one simple click.


Annotate customer’s screen, share navigation and form-fill for superior support.

Meet some of our customers: How has Talkative helped?

Bravissimo - The leading retail company wanted to increase chat enquiries and decrease chat abandonment rates. With Talkative, they have lowered their abandonment rate to 6% (well below their 10% target), and increased the number of chat interactions by an impressive 70% per month! Read the full story...

Healthspan - As a PCI level 2 complaint company, Healthspan needed a secure PCI compliant web chat solution that could also handle multiple languages, blend into their new website, and gather pre-chat customer information without disrupting their online journey. Since launching Talkative live chat, customer satisfaction has improved and chat interactions have gone through the roof, increasing by 500%! Find out more...

" [Talkative's] ability to seamlessly integrate with our MITEL telephony was our initial attraction as we wanted to be able to manage webchat and calls together in the same system. However from the first discussion with Talkative we knew it was going to give us so much more. Talkative as a company are very easy to work with, they are down to earth, open and collaborative. Their solution has the bells and whistles you'd like as well, from being able to view which screen your customer is on to being able to live interact with that screen to name two of many. It's also very easy to use for all; customers, agents and management which is a must in a busy environment. All in all I would highly recommend Talkative as a company and webchat solution. " G2 review

A few extra questions covered….

1) Talkative vs SnapEngage: which is right for my business?

Both Talkative and SnapEngage offer reliable live chat solutions. What makes Talkative the ideal alternative to SnapEngage is its ability to go beyond live chat. 

Do you want a decent web chat solution that charges extra for more advanced features? Or do you want a first-class live chat that’s part of a complete, cutting-edge contact centre solution? The choice is up to you.... 

Why not give Talkative a go with a 14 day free trial, no strings attached, to see if it’s right for your business. 

2) Can I have Talkative as just a live chat solution?

Yes, you can deploy Talkative solely as a live chat solution (like SnapEngage). While Talkative is designed as a full contact centre solution, you do not need to embed all the channels we offer. If you just want live chat, that’s fine. If you fancy live chat and video chat, that’s fine too - you are free to adapt Talkative to suit your organisation. Naturally, if you opt just for web chat, our pricing will be adapted accordingly.

The great thing about Talkative is the choice. If you start with live chat and later decide you want to try one of our other channels too, it’s no problem. Any of our channels can be seamlessly added on to your Talkative solution at any time. 

Not quite convinced?

Let’s face it, there’s nothing like a live demo for answering all of your queries.

But if you wanted to get started by taking a look around Talkative for yourself, you’re absolutely welcome.

Our 14 day free trial is waiting for you - no credit card required. It features all the key contact channels you need to delight your customers.

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