Serve and sell via Facebook Messenger with live chat, chatbots, and video chat

Capture customer attention and engage, sell, and serve, all via Facebook Messenger. With Talkative's Messenger integration, you can deploy enhanced live chat, chatbots, and video chat, all from one centralized dashboard.

Why integrate Talkative with Facebook Messenger?

Facebook Messenger lets brands keep in touch with their high-value customers on their favorite social network. 

With Talkative’s Messenger integration, you can offer chat, bot, and even video interactions through the Messenger app - all via one centralized dashboard.

It means you can reach more Facebook customers than ever before. 

Bring the in-store experience to Messenger with video chat

Offer instant face-to-face communication inside Messenger, all thanks to Talkative’s video chat. 

Connect with customers via inbound Messenger live chat 

Greet your customers on their favorite social channel - all in the same window as your other live chat conversations. 

Triage your least valuable interactions with Messenger chatbots 

Deploy a Talkative social media chatbot that can take care of any repetitive Messenger queries.

Next, escalate the most valuable interactions to chat, video, or voice - all available within Talkative. 

Getting started

Want to learn more about how you can integrate Facebook Messenger with Talkative? 

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