Powerful AI Response Suggestions with Google Agent Assist

For enterprise customers, here’s how Talkative can deliver instant AI suggestions to your agents with our Google Agent Assist integration.

Offer your agents the smartest response suggestions

Powered by Google AI, Google Agent Assist is a contact center tool that provides instant suggestions during customer service chat interactions. 

And with the Talkative Agent Assist integration, your team can make use of Google’s AI technology to provide faster and more efficient support. 

By training itself on your previous interaction data, as well as your websiteknowledge base, Agent Assist can provide your agents with a selection of relevant response suggestions during customer chat interactions. 

In turn, you can help more customers, lower your average handling times, and increase customer satisfaction - all with the power of Google AI. 

Offer agent assistance your way

With the Talkative Agent Assist integration, you can leverage four types of response suggestions:

  1. Article suggestions - This is a suggested link that leads to a relevant article, such as a knowledge base document. 
  2. FAQ Assist - This is a suggestion that’s imported from the FAQ section of your website. 
  3. Smart Reply - This kind of AI-generated suggestion works by learning from your previous interaction data, as well as the current conversation. (N.B. Setting up this feature requires a database of at least 30,000 transcripts.)
  4. Virtual Agent responses - This kind of response is a suggestion based on how your existing chatbot would reply to a customer’s message. 

It means you’ve got a huge amount of flexibility when it comes to creating an AI suggestion strategy that works for you and your agents.

Google Agent Assist Requirements

To implement Google Agent Assist, you’ll need to complete a training and setup process and allow the model to learn from your previous interaction data. 

This process can be more complex than other Agent Assist models - especially when training a model for Smart Reply responses. 

However, for enterprise organizations with a large agent workforce, this integration can give your team an edge when it comes to customer service and sales efficiency. 

Getting started

Ready to improve your customer service standards and give your agents a helping hand? 

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