Track customer engagement and interactions in Google Analytics

Track customer engagement and interactions in Google Analytics.

Gain deeper customer insights without any costs

Google Analytics, Google's free analytic package, allows website owners to track events, conversions, and engagement with ease.

It means that Talkative customers can take advantage of the system's tracking capabilities for a greater overview of customer engagement - without any additional costs.

With a simple integration, Talkative customers can then analyze which customer journeys resulted in chat sessions, what tags your agents apply to those live chat sessions, and more.

In turn, you can get a better understanding of which webpages generate more chat requests, as well as monitor the impact chat conversations have on conversions.

It's a simple and cost-effective way of improving your engagement strategy fast.

Getting started

For current Talkative customers who want to integrate with Google Analytics, read up on our Google Analytics Support Article.

For new customers interested in getting Talkative, book your demo below.