Accelerate AHT with OpenAI Response Suggestions

Here’s how Talkative can deliver instant AI suggestions to your agents with our Open AI integration.

Offer your agents instant response suggestions

OpenAI is a leading research and deployment company that is revolutionizing the AI landscape thanks to its headline-grabbing chatbot, ChatGPT. 

Thanks to this Talkative integration, you can give your agents the ability to harness OpenAI’s technology in the form of instant chat response suggestions.

This means that you can supply your agents with immediate AI assistance, allowing them to converse with customers faster than ever before. 

Flexible set-up, faster agent responses

There are two options for setting up OpenAI Responses in Talkative: 

  1. Standard (untrained) model - with this option, OpenAI will create immediate response suggestions without any previous learning to rely on. It uses only the customer’s message and the current conversation to generate suggestions. This is a great choice if you need more interaction data to train the system. As this method requires minimal setup, it’s also a great way to start benefitting from OpenAI fast. 
  2. Trained model - with this option, an OpenAI model learns from your previous interaction data. From there, it can generate responses based on historical responses - as well as real-time conversation. That way, your agents will get more relevant responses from the off. 

However you choose to deploy OpenAI within Talkative, you’ve got the option of creating multiple AI models for different purposes. 

You can create a model for your customer support queue. You could create a separate model for sales and engagement teams. The choice is up to you. 

Either way, OpenAI responses can be configured quickly and easily - whether you opt for a standard or trained model. 

In turn, your agents gain a tool to assist their workload, and your customers get faster responses than ever before. 

Getting started

Ready to improve your customer service standards and give your agents a helping hand? 

New customers can book a personalized demo below. 

For current customers looking to use Open AI Agent Assist, please contact your Talkative Account Manager today.