Integrate with WhatsApp connect with customers on the most popular messaging platform

Receive and respond to WhatsApp messages via live chat, chatbot, or video chat - all within Talkative's centralized dashboard.

Why integrate Talkative with WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging application in the world. 

With Talkative’s WhatsApp integration, you can reach countless more customers via chat, bot, and even video interactions - all via Talkative’s centralized dashboard. 

Bring the in-store experience to WhatsApp with video chat

Offer instant face-to-face communication within WhatsApp, all thanks to Talkative’s video chat. 

Connect with customers via inbound WhatsApp live chat 

Answer customer queries via their favorite messaging app - all in the same window as your other live chat conversations. 

Triage your least valuable interactions with WhatsApp chatbots 

Deploy a Talkative chatbot that can take care of any repetitive inbound WhatsApp queries.

Next, escalate the most valuable interactions to chat, video, or voice - all inside Talkative. 

Getting started

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