Salesforce Contact Center Integration

All in one, website-driven contact centre designed for Salesforce Service Cloud®
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Manage website interactions natively through Salesforce

Talkative allows you to handle all omnichannel contact center interactions in Salesforce.

Manage workflows, queues and routing for chats and calls and assign contact centre capabilities to your Service Cloud users.

Enrich interactions with cobrowsing, video and Salesforce-embedded functionality o ensure an optimal customer experience.

Deep Salesforce integration

Lightning Web Components allow a single pane of glass for agents to handle all customer interactions. An embedded queue and Knowledge selector boosts agent productivity.

Case history is presented to agents upon incoming interactions to provide a seamless customer care experience across channels.

Interaction history is sent to the Salesforce API and appended to existing contacts. Store all chats, calls and interaction data in Salesforce.

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Single view of the customer

All customer interaction data is stored within Salesforce objects to provide a historic view of all interactions to both agents and supervisors.

Leverage Salesforce's native reporting platform to build reports and visualisations based on the granular interaction data from Talkative.

Interaction type (chat, voice, video) and outcome tags (e.g. new customer, support ticket) are also reported on within Google Analytics.

Website-driven customer contact

Advanced live chat enables real time translation, customer message previews and more. WebRTC voice and video allow for contextual communication.

View basket contents, see the customer's current page, and leverage cobrowsing to give agents more control.

Map PSTN phone numbers to voice queues in Salesforce and trigger contextual nudges based on website visitor behaviour.

"Talkative works amazingly well and massively improves our customers’ online experience”

Laura Franklin, Customer Services Manager

Expert deployment assistance

Our Salesforce experts work with you to identify how you can best tie together your website journey, your contact centre and your Salesforce implementation.

We customise the Talkative UI and configure nudges to match your branding and website journey. All you need to do is copy/paste a code snippet into your website or tag management system.

We work with you to ensure all workflows are optimally configured, and build out new functionality where necessary.

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