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Take your customer service to new heights by embedding voice, video, live web chat and cobrowsing directly into your website

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Web chat, WebRTC calling and cobrowsing embedded into your customer-facing website

Customers today expect more from their website journeys. As more people head online to research and shop, they also expect to be able to communicate fast and easily while they browse. Customer contact is now expected to go beyond standard PSTN calls, and embrace new technology. Live chat, web calling, video calling and cobrowsing are all a part of this technology, and ones that your customers are demanding at an ever growing rate.

The Talkative solution allows you to manage all website interactions from our sophisticated Engage platform, enabling you to offer your customers a fast, efficient contact channel which also elevates their online experience. You can also connect the Talkative Engage platform with your existing telephony setup, so your agents can manage web calls and call backs as normal phone calls.

Convert more leads into sales, and take your customer service to new heights with Talkative.

Fast, simple deployment

The browser-based console is designed to enable a fully homeworking solution, in a pure cloud solution hosted in regional AWS data centres.

With remote deployment anywhere in the world, we can get you up and running in a matter of days.

Without the need for a desktop application, physical telephony or infrastructure, your agents and supervisors can work remotely or work from home with ease. All they need to do is simply log in!

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Since using Talkative, our clients have enjoyed...

  • 70% reduction in chat abandonment rate
  • 75% increase in available agents
  • 20% conversion rate from chat to sale
  • 60% increase in enquiries
  • 20% increase in sales calls

About Talkative's standalone deployment

Our powerful software can help you to maximise the impact of every single customer interaction, and convert more website traffic into customers, in a way that is scalable and doesn’t stretch your resources any further.

The Talkative solution will integrate seamlessly with your established telephony setup, or integrate with an existing contact centre environment if necessary.

Talkative’s innovative solutions will help you to engage with website visitors, route enquiries to the right agents, queue the interactions based upon set criteria, and allow you save all the chat/call data straight into any existing systems.

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Solution Capability

Live Chat - Sophisticated live chat which allows customers to talk with agents through your website. Data capture messages, canned messages, customer authentication, API/CRM integration and social media messaging capabilities (Facebook Messenger)

Web Calling - Web (voice) calling allows your customers to call you from within your website/app with 1 click. No plugins, sign-ins or downloads. Voice calls enter your new or existing telephony infrastructure

Video Calling - WebRTC based video calling allows your customers to start video calls from within your website or app. No plugins, sign-ins or downloads required

Cobrowsing - Cobrowse with your customers to see, understand and solve their problems in real time. Join existing sessions and get an accurate render of the customer's view

Seamless integration

  • Assign Talkative interaction capabilities to agents
  • Seamless integration with analytics tools
  • Can handle multiple clients simultaneously
  • Detailed interaction logs kept for all interactions
  • Escalate live web chat into a call within the same session
  • Ability to pass data straight into your existing CRM
  • Works on any modern browser and device (including mobile and tablet)
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Contact centre integration FAQs

What reporting features does Talkative offer?

Talkative’s solution will integrate with your existing analytics tools including Google Analytics. It also independently tracks data such as; interactions by agent & queue, call volume & length, tag usage, session generation and customer journey to give you a detailed understanding of how well the solution is being used.

How does the queuing and routing work?

Agents can be assigned to specific user groups (i.e. department or speciality). Talkative’s queuing system assigns various website enquiries to different agent groups depending on the enquiry. These queues can be automatically or manually managed and business hours can be set.

Can the solution handle multiple concurrent chats?

Yes. Talkative works with a number of existing call and contact centres who handle enquiries for multiple clients. Our system will allow you to potentially offer different levels of support for each of your clients depending on your agreement with them, and integrate with their individual systems.

What technologies does Talkative integrate with?

The Talkative solution is able to integrate with a wide range of technologies. This includes telephony technology, and suppliers. It will also integrate with your existing CRM system and your current analytics/reporting tools, such as Google Analytics.

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